Google has started testing three new features in the ‘Phone‘ app. These discovered features can significantly improve the user experience. It is not clear when the new features of Google Phone will be available.

US-based technology giant Google has started testing new features for the Google Phone application, which is built into Pixel models and can be downloaded from the Play Store on other Android phones.

According to the news in Neowin, Google Phone will be able to voice the identity or number of the caller to the user after a short time . Thanks to this feature, users will be able to know who is calling them without even looking at their phones.

Google Phone

However, Google Phone will be able to automatically delete old search filtering records in 30-day periods according to the user’s request  . However, this feature is currently only available to Google Phone users in the US and Canada. The feature is expected to be available in all countries in the future.

There is another new feature coming to the Google Phone application. With this feature, users will have the opportunity to access their voicemails much more easily. It is not yet known when these three features, which are currently in the testing phase, will be available to users . However, according to Neowin, the new features of Google Phone will be available to users within a few weeks.

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