Google Maps, as are the new detailed maps – RB

Google Maps, how are the new detailed maps – RB

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Google Maps, how are the new maps detailed – RB

Google Maps, how are the new detailed maps – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Google Maps, how are the new detailed maps – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Google Maps, how are the new detailed maps – RB


Google has started to integrate detailed maps on the Maps navigation application. Here’s how they are and where you can use them

12 January 2022

A Mountain View are moving to introduce the detailed maps on Google Maps also in Italy . Our country will enjoy the new updates after almost two years from the first implementation in the USA. However, for the moment, the news will only concern some locations and one in particular will make many users happy.

The help of artificial intelligence and of some algorithms is helping a lot the various big techs to make improvements that simplify people’s lives. Especially in this difficult period, knowing in advance how to move, which route to follow and how to avoid crowded or busy places, is useful for anyone who needs to travel for work or for leisure. It has been some time since Google announced the new features of Maps and there is probably no country more suitable than ours in which they could prove to be of fundamental importance . Especially in some cities that stand out for daily traffic.

Google Maps, what are detailed maps

The detailed maps use artificial intelligence to better interpret the satellite images and provide more precise directions about the roads. For example, they allow to know exactly the position of sidewalks , pedestrian crossing , pedestrian areas and the conformation of the road .

These details will allow you to move in a more conscious way and will be especially useful for circumventing the so-called architectural barriers, which cause difficulties for people with forms of disability and parents carrying their children on the stroller . In addition to this, to further facilitate movements in the presence of the Covid pandemic – 19, you will know in advance if a certain area is too crowded and if a specific route is too busy .

Google Maps will begin to implement detailed maps only in some Italian cities, which will then be followed by all the others.

Google Maps, which is the first Italian city

Rome will be the first Italian city to make use of the new detailed maps of Google Maps. Moreover, it is also one of the most critical cities from the point of view of traffic, due to the enormous traffic of people and cars that characterizes the capital.

The new features began to be used in the United States as early as 2020 and, finally, it will be possible to use them to make a sightseeing tour aware of the Eternal City or, more simply, to move around in a safer and smarter way .