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Google is finally bringing seamless scrolling to desktop browsing

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If there’s a Google search annoyance with Safari on our Macs, it’s constantly clicking through pages to see more results. With a whole block of ads squeezing search results further and further down the page, the second and third pages of results are often more useful than the first, but Google still makes us click to the next page to see them.

Not anymore. Google has announced that starting this week it will “bring seamless desktop scrolling to English in the US so you can easily continue to see more search results.” It’s unclear when it will roll out to browsers, but Google says it started on Monday.

In October 2021, Google introduced smooth scrolling for mobile search results and we expect the implementation to be similar. As you scroll, the next page of results automatically loads as if you clicked to go to the next page. Google demonstrated the behavior in a tweet and said users will now be able to see six pages of results before needing to click.

Many gods replies to tweets he blew the decision and asked Google to do it make smooth scrolling an option but it’s doubtful Google will back down. When announcing the move to Safari on iPhone and other mobile browsers, Google said that “most people who want additional information tend to browse up to four pages of search results” and the change will make more pages of results “more easy to scan and navigate.”