Google Chrome offers a number of useful features with extension support. But it is possible to take the Internet experience to the next level by changing the simple background settings without any additional installation.

With its simple and functional structure, Google Chrome is the most preferred web browser on both desktop and mobile. Although the default settings are successful, additional adjustments can significantly improve efficiency. Moreover, no extension is required for this. Even small changes to the settings can make a difference in the internet experience.

Most of these hidden options take place in the background of Google Chrome. Therefore, we mentioned in the previous Chrome guide ‘chrome://flags The path is actually of great importance.

Chrome, brings experimental features when we type and confirm this address in the search bar. This allows access to the new options list.

Once you’ve enabled the features you’d like to try, you’ll need to click the again Restart Now ’button at the bottom of the screen.

Picture in Picture Mode

We just mentioned  ‘chrome://flags’ Access the panel viaLater; ‘enable-picture-in-picture’ and select ‘enable-surfaces-for-videos’ set as active. So when you play any video in Chrome, you can drag the video to the desired section when you tap this extension icon. Even on the desktop… It can be said that this system is very useful especially for those who want to take notes while watching video. Of course, you can also consider using Picture-in-Picture mode for alternative scenarios.

Disable Unused Tabs

Everyone knows that Google Chrome consumes a lot of RAM. There are even ways to minimize RAM consumption with certain optimizations. The most important reason Chrome loves RAM so much is the tabs. Too many tabs cause rogue use of system resources. At this point, you can disable tabs that have not been used for a certain period of time. This increases efficiency as the load in the RAM is lifted. To activate ‘chrome://discards/’ detailed information through  Auto Discardable  section. One of the most important details is that it is reloaded when the passive tabs are clicked.