Launch a new product, media will choose news to show

Google will invest a billion dollars over three years to support publishing through partnerships with publishing companies on a global scale. This was announced by the CEO Sundar Pichai in a post announcing the birth of a new product, called “Google News Showcase”.

Good news! Google’s going to spend $1 billion over the next three years paying publishers for their news. Specifically, the money will license publishers‘ content for a new feature in Google News called Google News Showcase.

Unlike Google News, the online news aggregator against which publishers have repeatedly moved to ask to be rewarded for the content used, now the Californian company “will pay publishers to create and curate high quality content for a different type. of online news experience, “Pichai explains. Publishers will choose which news to show and how to do it.

Google News Showcase kicks off today in Brazil and Germany, through partnerships with various publishing companies including The mirror and the time, and then expands to other countries. Approximately 200 agreements have already been signed in Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.