Gmail – Gmail App For Android! Gmail is the mobile application of the popular e-mail application prepared for Android.

Gmail is the Android application of Google’s popular e-mail service. With this application, if you are a Gmail user, you can easily check your e-mails and perform other operations.

With the long-awaited Gmail application, you can receive notifications, read and reply to your e-mails on your smartphone and tablet. With the application that allows you to archive your e-mails, you can perform almost any process you need via Gmail.

The application  works seamlessly with both Android .

After the 4.2.1 update :

  • Support for multiple account access and management has arrived.
  • The ability to view and save attachments in e-mails has been added.
  • There have been innovations in setting up notifications.

After 4.3 update :

  • The ability to directly delete, archive or reply to the mail received from the notification area has been introduced.
  • More accelerated and performance improvements were provided.