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The man of 48 years was was carried away by a baïne on 21 last July

MB Published on 02 / 06 / 20 To 09 h 48 – Updated 02 / 06 / 20 To 09 h 48

Beach in Carcans in June 2021 – Mickaël Bosredon / 19Minutes The body of a man was found on Saturday around 14 h 30 on the side of the Beach of Porge, in Gironde . “The identification of the body was able to determine that it was years disappeared on 28 last July on the beach La Cantine Nord, in the Porge sector ”, indicates the Atlantic Maritime Prefecture . The man was missing while bathing with his son when they were carried away by a baine . The teenager, who had been able to reach the coast, immediately gave the alert. A major search mechanism had been set up to find the forty-something.