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A vehicle of the gendarmerie. – Clément Follain / Minutes The sound volume has alerted residents who warned gendarmes in middle of night. An undeclared rave party not declared has gathered until ‘to 1. 500 people in the night from Saturday to Sunday in a forest area near Barp (Gironde), before the intervention of the gendarmes who continued to disperse the very last participants on Monday, we learned from the prefecture

The gathering took place in an isolated area, at approximately 35 km south of Bordeaux. The gendarmes intervened around 1 a.m. No incident The rave party counted to almost 1 . 310 people at the strongest, and some 500 were still present at the end of the day on Sunday, as the gendarmes noted the identities of the starters, and possible infractions. About fifty party vehicles were still there Monday morning, under the control of the gendarmes.

No incident was reported, the prefecture pointed out.