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Gina Rodriguez is really leaning on all the mothers around her before giving birth to baby #1.

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Before giving birth to baby No. 1, Gin Rodríguez she has an inner circle that she relies heavily on for advice and support.

“The power of women and our abilities how can we grow a human being and more star of a TV show and executive production. I learned this from so many women around me: America Ferrara And Eva Longoria And Zoe Saldanaand so many women who have,” she said People of his inner circle. “I know the list goes on. There have been so many women reaching out: Melissa Fumero And Angelica Cabral.”

Rodriguez shared that he “really leans into all of the moms around” his.

“All the people who have done it before me, hoping they will teach me and help me when I fall,” she continued. “I just have to get past the birthing part. Once I get there, then I think I can see beyond that.”

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Also, the Joan the Virgin alum, 38, is about to launch his new ABC series, Not dead yetand she is lucky to be surrounded by other women who support her.

“I have a great sisterhood on set with Anne Simon And Lauren Ash, where they are there for me in such a loving way,” the star noted. It’s really showing me the power of friendship, the power of sisterhood, and our ability to take on so much and continue to expand and grow. I would say that was the main thing, it’s just like, ‘Oh, my God. We did this.’ And I didn’t do it alone.”

“Sometimes you can feel so alone, just not in the travel like motherhood or pregnancy, but in this area,” she admitted. “I felt very supported. And then I also learned how important it is to absorb moments with people you love and strangers and new friendships because we don’t know what life has or will develop for us.”

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Last year, the brunette beauty and her husband, Joe Lo Cicerone, has announced that she has a little one on the way. Now that the due date is approaching, Rodriguez is a little overwhelmed at what’s to come.

“I feel like I’m taking 72 different classes, from mindful parenting to hypnobirthing to doula classes for prenatal yoga to figure out how best to prepare myself to be ready for childbirth, because it’s like climbing Kilimanjaro,” she joked.