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GF Vip, the final: Jessica Selassiè wins. Davide second place, Barù third

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GF Vip, the final: Jessica Selassiè wins. Davide second place, Barù third. Surprisingly, the super favorite to win, Lulù, was among the first to have to leave the house during the live broadcast on Monday evening, which we followed, as always, minute by minute. on Leggo.it.

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01.53 The live broadcast of the Big Brother Vip final with Leggo.it ends here. Thanks for joining us

01.48 To win this edition of Big Brother Vip is Jessica with 62% of the preferences

01.47 “It was September 13 of last year when this incredible journey began,” says Signorini

01.46 Last televoting officially closed

01.43 Davide and Jessica in the studio

01.34 Waiting for the finalists Signorini starts with thanks

01.31 Davide and Jessica greet each room thinking back to the good times they had before, before going to the studio to know the final verdict

01.28 The most iconic moment is certainly that of the closing of the lights of the Big Brother Vip house

01.26 In the studio the third classified Barù

01.19 First Davide, then Jessica will see their Best off

01.11 The last televoting opens between Davide and Jessica

01.08 The VIP eliminated is: Barù

01.07 Television closed

01.00 Delia hugs her mother again and then goes to Signorini’s studio. Best off for her too

00.52 Now a new televoting opens between Barù, Davide and Jessica

00.50 Jessica vincec with 73% of the preferences, Delia eliminated

00.48 Televoto closed between Delia and Jessica

00.44 For Barù there is no relative, but a ballet of the Vippos

00.36 Lulù in the studio: “I didn’t expect to go out, but I’m very happy to have arrived here, to have found my love”. Her best off

00.31 Belli reaches Delia and they kiss

00.29 Delia’s surprise is … Alex Belli dancing with Soleil

00.16 Giucas will do one of his hypnosis numbers with Adriana Volpe

00.11 Giucas arrives in the studio screams and hugs everyone

00.00 New flash televoting between Jessica and Delia

23.57 Lulu: “I’m shocked”

23.56 To have to leave the house of the Big brother between David and Lulu is: Lulu. Davide wins with 61%

23.54 The televoting between Davide and Lulu is closed

23.48 Connection with Barbara D’Urso who starts tomorrow with the “Pupa and the nerd Show” “Not everyone lends his face for Italia Uno” underlines Signorini.

La Pupa and the Nerdy Show: the new version with Barbara D’Urso kicks off on Tuesday

23.50 Barbara D’urso formalizes Soleil’s participation as a columnist at La Pupa and Secchione Show together with Federico fashion Style and Dayane mello who will temporarily support Antonella Elia, who tested positive at Covid

23.43 Many couples this year: Federica and Gianmarina and then Sophie and Alessandro. All gathered next to the piano, this time Alfonso is playing

21.41 Manuel: “Home is ready for us, get ready”

23.40 super kiss live between Lulu and Manuel

23.34 Lulu’s surprise is Manuel outside the red door sitting at the piano playing their song “September 22” by Ultimo

23.21 Surprise for Davide, there is his mother. Dad also arrives

23.10 Davide challenges Lulu, then Jessica will challenge Delia. The first open televoting is precisely that between Davide and Lulu

23.08 To draw the gold pyramid is: Barù who goes straight to the last three-way televoting. Barù can give one of the 4 finalists the possibility to choose who to challenge and gives Davide the chance

22.56 The televoting duels begin: 4 of them will compete in two duels, whoever draws the pyramid with the gold base will instead be immune

22.55 Delia Duran, Lulù Selassiè, Davide Silvestri and Jessica Selassiè ready to challenge fate

22.51 Between Giucas and Jessica, Giucas Casella leaves the house. Jessica fifth finalist with 70% of the preferences

22.50 It is time to know the outcome of the first televoting

22.43 Jessica, Clarissa and Lulù together again, ready for a very colorful singing performance

GF Vip, Ilary Blasi in the studio to present the Island of the Famous: «Alfonso disappear». And Signorini jokes: “Finally thrombus”

22.38 Clip on the Sellassiè sisters

22.27 Signorini: “I read that you are separated at home if you want Alex Belli soon?”. Blasi laughs

22.24 In the studio Ilary Blasi for the promotion of the Island of the Famous: «Alfonso I have to congratulate you, but that’s enough now. Disappear! Find yourself a hobby, leave us space », Signorini’s reply; “Maybe I’m starting to fuck again”

22.18 Vipponi freezed, James enters to greet his father

22.16 Surprise in sight for Giucas, his son James is outside the house

22.11 In the clip Lulu talks about Kiss between Jessica and Lulu. Jessica denies: “She misunderstood, there wasn’t a kiss, there wasn’t a lemon, but our lips touched.” Barù: «I don’t comment. In these days I have done everything to be forgiven “

22.08 Clip on the clash between Barù and the Sellassiè princesses

22.05 Clip on Giucas and Delia

22.05 The first televoting closed

22.01 The conductor asks the finalists what they are feeling at the moment

21.59 Signorini rattles off the nueri of this edition a bit: “Since the beginning of this GF, 4500 hours of live broadcast”

21.57 Sonia Bruganelli and Adriana Volpe enter the studio, Signorini is also back. For the final, among the eliminated there is also Katia Ricciarelli

21.50 Clip on the best of this edition

21.48 Vipponi freezed, Signorini enters: «I wanted to come here to say thank you. If you are here it is because you deserve it, the public loves you and this must give you great strength. I don’t want to spend any more words, hours and hours of very strong emotions await us, have fun. I really love you, thank you “

21.46 Signorini will enter the house: “In recent months, it has not always been easy to get into the mood of entertainment, I am inspired by a phrase that my grandparents always said” Often life is not the party we dreamed of but while we are here we dance ” “.

21.44 The final begins

21.40 After 183 days in the house there are only 6 Vippons left. Jessica and Giucas competing in televoting for the last available seat

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There will be many engaging surprises for the “Vipponi” who, after months away from their loved ones, will be able to embrace them again: for Davide his parents, for Delia the mother and for Giucas his son James.

Jessica, Clarissa and Lulù will greet the important experience by performing with a cover of a song by Selena Gomez. But it will not be the only “musical” moment of the evening: even the former tenants of the Cinecittà loft will try their hand at a ballet to the notes of Lady Marmalade.