GF Vip, the balance of reality rests on Delia Duran (who promises sparks) – RB

GF Vip, the balance of reality rests on Delia Duran (who promises sparks) – RB

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GF Vip, the balance of reality rests on Delia Duran (who promises sparks) – RB

GF Vip, the balance of reality rests on Delia Duran (who promises sparks) – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. GF Vip, the balance of reality is based on Delia Duran (who promises sparks) – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

GF Vip, the balance of reality rests on Delia Duran (who promises sparks) – RB

If in the last episodes of Big Brother Vip the competitors seemed to have pulled the brake a bit, finding a fragile balance, the arrival of Delia Duran could give a jolt capable of turning the tide of the reality show. She will probably be the protagonist of the next few weeks, and Alfonso Signorini has already staked everything on her ability to make sparks.

Delia Duran enters the House of GF Vip

We had already anticipated it, and on the other hand it was not difficult to imagine: the entry of Delia into the The most spied house in Italy has immediately overturned the fragile balance that had arisen in recent weeks. The intentions of the beautiful Venezuelan model had been clear for some time now, she herself had revealed them in the past few days. Her goal is to understand what is the atmosphere that hovers within the walls of Cinecittà, to find out if her husband Alex could really have been influenced to such an extent that he behaved with Soleil Sorge in such a risky way.

And to do so, Duran has only one way: to become part of the dynamics of the game , even with straight leg, if necessary. On the other hand, between the two women there are a lot of outstanding things that they will probably have to resolve now. Their first meeting started off in a fairly quiet way, since Alex’s wife admitted that she wanted to feel comfortable in the House first, and only later to deal with any problems. “I’m not here to argue” – he admitted. But Soleil didn’t buy it , and the provocations were not long in coming.

Between digs and vitriolic implications, Delia and la Sorge tried to clarify, but the unspoken among there are too many of them. The clash was inevitable, and not even the intervention of Alfonso Signorini was able to bring tranquility to the House. Alex Belli’s appeal, who asked the two girls not to overdo the tones, also fell on deaf ears. It now seems clear that they will be the ones to carry on the reality show in the coming weeks.

Delia Duran and Alex Belli, is it really over?

It must also be said that Delia entered the House basically single. Although between her and Alex there has not been a definitive break, in the past few days the two have reached the short irons. Ever since he left the GF Vip , the actor has in fact continued to make his support felt to Soleil – also through social messages that were quickly delivered to the beautiful Italian American. All this interest in a girl with whom Belli had made more than just a friendship. could only annoy Duran.

Complaining a painful distance from her husband, the Venezuelan model therefore wanted to take a pause for reflection to clear your head. And when Alex gave her an annoying joke, Delia was so resentful that she wanted to immediately close all contact with him. In short, this is how the two broke up, before Duran entered the House of the GF Vip . Will he take advantage of the opportunity to forge some deep bond in front of the cameras? Even before entering, he had revealed his predilection for Barù , but only in the next few days will we find out if it will be really ready to get close to another person.