GF Vip, Alex indefensible: the whole House is on Delia's side (and we too) – RB

GF Vip, Alex indefensible: the whole House is on Delia’s side (and we too) – RB

Hello, Welcome to the RockedBuzz News site! I will present you all the details of GF Vip, Alex indefensible: the whole House is on Delia’s side (and so are we) – RB here.

GF Vip, Alex indefensible: the whole House is on Delia’s side (and we too) – RB

GF Vip, Alex indefensible: the whole House is on Delia’s side (and we too) – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. GF Vip, Alex indefensible: the whole House is on Delia’s side (and we too) – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

GF Vip, Alex indefensible: the whole House is on Delia’s side (and us too) – RB

The showdown has come to the GF Vip 6 . After months of rather embarrassing theaters, Alfonso Signorini gave the opportunity to both Delia Duran and to Soleil Sorge to have the long awaited (and required) comparison with Alex Belli and the situation has taken a decidedly absurd turn. The soap opera actor has ventured into a scramble on mirrors that we could summarize in a single word: indefensible .

The House of the GF Vip from the side of Delia Duran

That the entry of Delia Duran into the House of GF Vip 6 would have brought some confusion, it was certainly no secret. But what no one would have expected is to see the solidarity towards him from most of the Vippons, even from best friends by Soleil Sorge – Manila Nazzaro and Katia Ricciarelli – who at one point they had to deal with reality: Delia suffers from Alex’s fault , while Soleil does not seem to understand who is part of this suffering.

A few moments of tension between the tenants, then the fateful meeting between Delia and her “husband”. And it is here that the actor, born Alessandro Gabelli, gave the worst of himself by showing off phrases such as “Love is freedom, our relationship is something else”, “The various forms of love”, “We are not the couple from the Mulino Bianco” . In short, the climbing on the aforementioned mirrors.

Alex Belli and the blatant gesture (which could have been spared)

Delia said nothing so incomprehensible in comparison with Belli. Indeed, his reasoning seemed more than sensible given the circumstances: “There are many forms of love however, respect is fundamental for me, he continues undeterred not to show me respect and this is what continues to bother me. I told him before entering the house to show me this love he has for me by repeating him not to post these things, but he continues to do so “. Holy words.

In the meantime, Alex has done nothing but stage yet another blatant gesture, trying to hand over the faith in the hands of his partner. To the point that Signorini had to call in security , given the anti-Covid rules that the actor seemed to have completely removed it from his mind.

The confrontation between Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge

Crammed into the confessional while Alex was talking to Delia, finally Soleil too was finally able to reach her artistic lover in the garden. And here is another incomprehensible moment in the Casa del GF Vip.

The influencer wanted him to take a stand on the relationship with Duran, then told him he hadn’t defended their artistic friendship

enough. , in the end he even hugged himself using (among other things) words that seemed much more passionate and full of love than those reserved for the wife . In short, a great confusion.

Alex Belli is indefensible and we didn’t like it at all

We did not like Alex Belli at all, and not only because of the phantom “dynamics” created inside the Casa del GF Vip . The way he treated Delia was decidedly not very nice , indeed not very “respectful” to use the words that she herself brought up. With Soleil it was no less and we still do not understand what game she is playing with the influencer, who continues to be hypnotized from this special or alleged “form of love”.

But we also didn’t like Alex for the way he jeopardized Delia’s stay in the House by getting too close, as well as for the way he addressed her. ‘columnist Adriana Volpe who was simply commenting on what had happened with that legitimate sense of shock that – let’s face it – caught us all a bit.

The reality show should represent a glimpse of reality, in fact. But it seems that the very meaning of the game has been lost in the wind of Cinecittà.