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Get this colorful retro keyboard and mouse combo for just $35

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Okay, so, this wireless mouse and retro keyboard combo has me in my tracks this morning. It’s so unique and gorgeous, if I wasn’t so emotionally attached to my mechanical keyboard, I’d blow it up in a heartbeat. Amazon is selling the KNOWSQT Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for just $35.19, i.e. a 20% discount on the original price. That’s incredible value right up there. Heck, the mouse is even DPI adjustable.

The keyboard itself features a floating button design, mimicking the feel of an old typewriter. The keycaps are removable, making them easy to clean. Plus, the colorful keycaps are just plain fun and will definitely brighten up your desk space. As for the plug-and-play mouse, it has a range of 35 feet. You don’t even need to install additional software to use it. Both peripherals are also compatible with PC and Mac.

This is a great deal. Whether you’re looking to save money or add a pop of color to your desk, this combination is well worth considering.

Get the KNOWSQT Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for $35.19 on Amazon