We spoke with Daniele Lorusso about the makeup she wore at the Venice Film Festival, as well as her favorite products and how she manages to get the most out of her beauty.

Outshining movie stars is not an easy task, however,  Georgina Rodríguez  did it when she walked the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival, exuding sensuality and beauty. Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend caused a sensation with several high-impact looks in which she not only drew attention for her spectacular dresses and jewelry , but also for her makeup. The 26-year-old Spanish model wore flawless skin, well-defined eyes with XXL lashes and glossy lips that captured all eyes. The responsible? Her makeup artist,  Daniele Lorusso. At RockedBuzz.com we have had the opportunity to talk with him and he has not only told us all the secrets of the beauty looks that he wore on his way through the Italian city, but also what are his favorite products and his tricks to get the most out of it to the beauty of Georgina.

Georgina Rodríguez

What was your inspiration to create your looks?
I wanted to enhance Georgina’s features in a natural but glamorous way, so I chose monochromatic earth tones and worked with different intensities for the three times of the day in Venice: arrival, with soft eye makeup and very juicy peach lips; the red carpet, with a blurred eyeliner, long lashes and glossy nude lips ; and the party look, with smoky eyes in bronze tones and nude lips too. 

What areas did you want to highlight?
Is beautiful. I like to highlight her beautiful lips by defining them with pencils, lipsticks and gloss in different shades of nude . Plus, she has amazing skin. I love working with different textures to get a nice shine.

 What is the secret of your makeup?
The secret is to work with very thin layers of product on the skin and find the perfect shades that combine with it so that they flatter it and, of course, apply the right highlighters, eyeshadows with soft sparkles and creamy-shiny finishes for the lips.

 Do you allow yourself to be advised or are you clear about what you want?
I think we have a very similar vision of beauty, so I think she trusts me even though she also wants to be part of the process. She knows what you like, but is open to suggestions.

Georgina Rodríguez Makeup

What kind of makeup does Georgina like?
Exactly the one you saw in Venice! A glamorous, natural, classic but modern one.

How would you define its beauty?
I would say that her beauty is definitely the beauty of a modern, elegant and sexy diva.

Would you like me to be more daring and try other looks?
She doesn’t like to wear a lot of eye makeup, but personally I think she would look amazing with intense smoky eyes or using some colors like blue or purple. I would love to have you try. But I have to say that there are situations and situations, she needs to find the right event to dare with something different.

How did you start working together?
We texted each other on Instagram and her team contacted me in January, because she needed a makeup artist for a magazine cover. That was the first time we worked together. After that I did her look for San Remo, Milan Fashion Week and now Venice.

Georgina Rodríguez lips

Many fans say she looked like a Kardashian, was that your idea?
I have to say that is a huge compliment as they are all astonishingly gorgeous. We never wanted to achieve a specific Kardashian style, but they play such an important role in the beauty industry with their beautiful looks and their social power, which are very inspiring and it was quite easy to associate them with Georgina’s style as they have a style and similar colors.

What do you think of the makeup they wear?
I like it. They have strong personalities and are an amazing pop culture phenomenon. Regarding makeup, I see that they have different tastes when it comes to beauty: Kim has a more defined natural glamor , Kylie likes to play more with colors and different techniques, and Kendall has a cleaner beauty. I think she’s funny and I like her passion for the world of beauty.

Finally, what is the biggest mistake women often make with makeup?
Choosing the wrong color of foundation or applying too many products. I don’t like the effect that remains when you try to cover blemishes but it shows product on the skin. Also, one of the most common mistakes is defining and shaping the eyebrows the wrong way.