We tell you how to Unlock the Tri Seal in Genshin Impact. A mission that begins in Dadaupa Gorge, south of the Temple of a Thousand Winds, and given to us by the NPC Dr. Livingstone. Completing the three Tri-Seals mission will give you a valuable chest with interesting rewards.

Mission Tri Seal Quick Guide

To complete the mission you will have to visit the three Hilichurl camps, one to the north in an arena, one to the south in a pool of water and another to the east. Each of these camps has a seal pedestal that must be lit to break the seal. Defeat all the enemies in each camp to activate the seal.

Here I leave you the exact locations.

Mission Tri Seal Quick Guide

Once the three seals are broken, return to Dr. Livingstone in the Sword graveyard, and claim your reward that was protected behind the Anemo barrier that will have already disappeared.