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Gemma Chan encourages others to ‘don’t take no’ for an answer when pursuing their dreams: ‘Keep moving forward’

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Gem Chan rose to fame in recent yearswhich appears in Don’t worry honey AND Eternals.

Now, the actress wants others to know that it might not be easy to make your dreams come true, but it’s worth it.

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“If you’re passionate about something, try it and don’t take a no or the first backlash as the last word. Find your people and those you love to work with creatively. It can take some time, but know that you have a voice – and it continues like this”, the 40-year-old said InStyle.

The brunette beauty still wants to create more equal opportunities for women in the film industry, although things are looking up for women in the industry.

“We still need to address some of the structural and systemic issues within the industry. Including more women and more people of color in decision-making positions is key. It’s also about building the pipeline of talent that emerges. Sadly, there are still so many barriers upon entering the film industry, particularly if you’re from a non-wealthy background,” he noted.

She continued: ‘Across the board, it’s getting harder and harder for people to access and be able to support themselves, particularly early in your career when you’re not going to be making much. So that’s a real concern of mine. can do even more”.

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Recently, the star was spotted at the Cannes Film Festivaland revealed how she prepared for the big event.

“It changes a bit. I always end up coming to the festival and having big aspirations to get lots of sleep. Then, you get here sleepless and jet lagged,” she said of her beauty regimen. “So the crucial things for me are skin prep. That includes everything cryotherapy and anything to deflate. I have all the tools and gadgets: the roller that I keep in the fridge, the ice globes, a vibratory my eye contour and also a refreshing face mask. I also always bring my own tea because no one does it like the British.”