Playing Gartic Phone  you are gonna have fun guessing and drawing! Every round a Player is chosen to draw something for the others to guess what it is.

The first player to achieve the goal of points will be declared the game winner.
Choose between one of the groups of words that we offer and have fun with your friends!

Gartic also allows the player to create his own room and invite up to 50 friends sharing a link to the room. Choose one between the different room subjects to draw and have fun!

Gartic Phone Download

I really like the game, yeah! Although, some of the words are extremely difficult. Like, yeah “it makes the game interesting”, I know. But kids aren’t going to know “garter belt” or “clapper board”. I’d prefer having 3 words to choose from, too. Ads aren’t a disturbance and overall a good game, other than the word choice.

The game itself is really fun and a good idea, and I like the fact that I can chat with other ppl. But in most of the rooms I join, there are adults that say really really bad cuss words, and there was a guy named Red Ink and he came into the chat screaming cuss words like the F word and the B word, and also the A word. I’m just a kid, but tbh adults are ruining this game. It would be better if u couldn’t say bad words(like in Animal Jam it blocks out cussing) and if u can report a person not just a drawing.

I said to the Red Ink guy that he was being inappropriate and then a different guy said that I hadn’t seen inappropriate yet. This just makes the game kind of dangerous for kids…

Other than that this isn’t a bad game but pls think about my suggestions.