Garlic prawns: the best recipe, with fresh prawns, to enjoy all its texture and flavor -!

At family gatherings, a dish that never fails is our garlic prawns recipe . This dish, ideal for an aperitif, has been made with good, very fresh white prawns and an extra virgin olive oil flavored with garlic and cayenne. They are also delicious with frozen prawns, but it is not the same. It is important to buy or make a good homemade bread with good crumbs, since as rich as the prawns themselves is the oil that remains at the bottom of the clay bowl , that everyone will enjoy dipping one or two slices. Regarding the level of spiciness , you can adjust it by adding more or less cayenne pepper, or even not add it if you prefer. The recipe, the you can also make with prawns or prawns if you prefer, although then – strictly speaking – we would not be facing garlic prawns. To make the best garlic prawns , it is necessary to have good ingredients: in this case, good prawns, good Spanish garlic and of course, a good virgin olive oil extra. We start by peeling the prawns to remove their heads, legs and shells. Of course, we do not throw them away but save them (or freeze them) to make a good seafood stock or shrimp broth. We put the oil in a clay dish and while it heats up, we fillet the garlic and cayenne . We add them to the oil and let them brown, keeping an eye on them so that they do not burn. Meanwhile we take the opportunity to remove the intestine or black thread from the prawns. When the garlic is at its point and the oil is bubbling due to the temperature, we add the prawns seasoned with a pinch of salt and after a minute, we turn them over, turning off the heat and covering them with a dish. In this way they are finished with the remaining heat and the steam that is generated. So they are juicy and tender . We let it rest for five minutes and we take it to the table, uncovering it in front of the diners. With what to accompany the garlic prawns recipe To accompany our garlic prawns recipe , we recommend a good homemade bread and a glass of wine or very cold beer. If you close your eyes when trying the prawns or the oil, you will feel transported to a beach bar located on the seashore. More Christmas recipes In Directo al Paladar we love these holidays and we have thousands of recipes for you to be sure in your Christmas meals. Do not miss our special with the 215 best Christmas recipes and 16 special menus. And if you need ideas for specific dishes , here is a good starting point: Canape recipes Appetizer and starter recipes Salad recipes Fish recipes Meat recipes Side dishes recipes Dessert recipes Traditional Christmas sweets recipes Christmas cookie recipes Cocktail recipes En Directo al Paladar | Garlic prawns in the microwave, ready in 5 minutes Directly to the Palate | Garlic prawns made with frozen prawns, Christmas recipe