Among Us, as you know, was one of the most played video games last year. When this is the case, people are interested in similar ones. The game we call Among Us is available on both mobile platforms and computers. So I will make a two-sided proposition. All the details on this topic. It is in the paragraphs below.

What Are Games Like Among Us?

When we say an Among Us-like game, we have to pay attention to a lot of details. In these details, we need to think from the story the game tells to the graphics of the game. First of all, whether or not Like Among Us. You buy all games from game distributors. These companies have applications for computers. Stem, Epic Games, Battle.Net, Ubisoft Connect, Origin and Rockstar Games Launcher are the most obvious examples of these. On the mobile platform, iOS users use the App Store application market to download anything, and Android users use the Google Play Store application market to download anything.

List of Among Us-Like Games PC

You can find the list I created for computers games under this title.

  1. Deceit
  2. Project Winter
  3. Secret Neighbor (Steam / Microsoft)
  4. Werewolves Within (Steam / PlayStation)
  5. Push the Button
  6. Secret Hitler (Browser Version)

Among Us Similar Games Mobile List

You can find the list I created for mobile games under this title.

  • Werewolf Online (Android / iOS)
  • Secret Hitler (Browser Version)
  • Town of Salem
  • Vapmir peasant

How to Free Download Among Us For PC?

Among Us climbed to the top among the most played mobile games in 2020. In fact, it was released in the past years, but it was not expected to hold that long. I think one of the main reasons for his detention was that people were locked in their homes due to the epidemic that affected the world. Download Among Us here