From the first snowshoes to the flashes of the red carpet: in photos, the fabulous fate of the Williams sisters

From the first snowshoes to the flashes of the red carpet: in photos, the fabulous fate of the Williams sisters, The Williams Method, in theaters on December 1, looks back on the exceptional destiny of Venus and Serena Williams, carried by their father Richard, who has never ceased to lead them to the top of world tennis. The opportunity to come back, in photos, on the course of these outstanding champions.

In The Williams Method, Will Smith embodies the father and trainer of Venus and Serena Williams , two of the greatest players in tennis history. The film, which will be released in theaters on December 1, demonstrates the extent of her role in the careers of her daughters, but also the incredible journey of the two sisters, played by Saniyya Sidney ( Fences ) as Venus and Demi Singleton ( Godfather of Harlem ) as Serena.

In video, “The Williams Method”, the trailer Serena Williams is barely 4 years old when she takes charge of her first tennis racket. Born in 1981 in Michigan, she grew up with her family in the suburbs of Los Angeles where her father Richard introduced her to tennis alongside her older sister Venus, who will also become a first-class player. By dint of hard training, Serena manages to integrate the professional circuit at the age of years. In the final of 1999, she managed to beat world No. 1, Martina Hingis. She thus won the first Grand Slam tournament of her career, and saw herself propelled onto the front of the stage. Over the seasons, she has built up an extraordinary track record on the women’s circuit and became world No. 1 for the first time in 2002.

To listen to: the editorial podcast Venus and Serena pull themselves up, over of time, among the best players in the world. The two tenniswomen, when they are not on the court, participate in many events such as Fashion Week or the Teen Choice Awards. If Venus Williams has won seven Grand Slam titles, it is with 23 victories that her sister Serena has become, to date, the best tenniswoman of all the time.