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from controlled costs to installments, the measures in place

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Restrain the ride of gas And diesel fuel. And still contain the increases in bills of electricity and gas for families and businesses, also renewing the installment mechanism. The governmentcaught between the pressing of the parties and the deterioration of the economic situation due to war in Ukrainetries to implement a first package of anti-crisis measures already within the week, taking advantage of the increasing VAT collections precisely for the expensive fuel.


Extra VAT revenue on fuels

Despite the inconsistencies of the majority – Matteo Salvini has returned to ask forcefully, the 5S head of delegation Stefano Patuanelli has been repeating it for days, the Democratic Party also wants it – there will be no recourse, at least for now, to a new budget variance. In short, no deficit interventions, at least until the rewriting of the Def which should be brought forward at the end of the month. Because “the stability of public finances” must be preserved, they repeat at Palazzo Chigi. The VAT surplus, 200 million in March alone according to Assopetroli’s calculations, projected over the whole year could bring up to 2 billion. Resources that could make it possible to cut the price at the pump by at least 15 cents, as already done in France. But in order to find sufficient funds to give oxygen to families and businesses, the government is also studying how to extend the levy on extra-profits – already introduced for production from renewables – to other energy companies. For the bulk of the aid, especially for economic activities also exposed to increases in raw materials, it will still be necessary to wait for the European framework to be defined: not only the green light for the temporary framework on state aid model Covid also to face the energy crisis, but also to the decisions that the next EU Council of 24 and 25 March will have to take on the expenses that the States will have to face in order to prevent the slowdown in the economy from becoming a recession.

War recovery

Italy, together with France, is advocating the cause of a war recovery – the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando has relaunched in the meeting with his EU counterparts the idea of ​​an ad hoc fund, which also helps to preserve employment – and in the meantime it will fight in Brussels, ensure from Palazzo Chigi, to introduce a European ceiling on the prices of gas imports. Waiting for the EU, however, Draghi asked all ministries to speed up to give answers immediately and try to reassure citizens who are struggling to fill up and have started stocking up in supermarkets: the premier could meet the CDM probably on Thursday for to give the okay to a first ‘price-cut’ decree which could contain a first part of the measures on which we are working. And that should also indicate the road map for exiting the covid emergency. Certainly there will be a reduction in excise duties on petrol and diesel – through the VAT deduction – and the new intervention on the installments for bills could also be immediately placed – for now a strengthened mechanism is foreseen, 50% immediately and the rest in 10 installments, for electricity and gas payments issued from January to April. More complex is the intervention on the extra-profits of energy companies – which in any case should be followed by EU guidelines – which Giuseppe Conte proposes to extend to other sectors that have recorded strong gains in the two years of Covid, such as “the insurance sector” . The 5 Star Movement, but also the Dems and Italia Viva, meanwhile ask Minister Roberto Cingolani to report to the Chamber on the hypothesis of “scams” and “speculations” on energy and fuel prices. The Democratic Party is also relaunching the idea of ​​an “energy check for the families most in difficulty”, which in the meantime could translate into an expansion of the audience that accesses the already operational energy bonus.