Friends, injury for Giulia Stabile: how is she – RB

Friends, injury for Giulia Stabile: how is she – RB

Hello, Welcome to the RockedBuzz News site! I will present you all the details of Amici, injury for Giulia Stabile: how is she – RB here.

Friends, injury for Giulia Stabile: how sta – RB

Friends, accident for Giulia Stabile: how is she – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Friends, accident for Giulia Stabile: how is she – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Friends, accident for Giulia Stabile: how are you – RB

Giulia Stabile: fidanzato, genitori, TikTok e la vittoria ad Amici 2021 Giulia Stabile: boyfriend, parents, TikTok and the victory for Amici 2021 Problems for Giulia Stabile , former winner of Friends and well-known face of the programs of Maria De Filippi . The dancer in fact had an injury, but luckily, as she told on Instagram, she is already recovering.

Giulia Stabile di Amici’s injury

After the victory to Amici and the beginning of the love story with Sangiovanni , Giulia Stabile never stopped. The very young dancer participated in a Witty format, took part in the talent of Maria De Filippi and appeared in Tu Sì Que Vales next to Belen Rodriguez . But now Giulia will be forced to slow down a bit due to an injury. To tell her problem was the dancer who wrote on Instagram: “Hey, I did damage and I did a small injury, but we have already started the treatment and I stopped. In a week I will get back on my feet and start again immediately, nothing happened, don’t worry. ”

Giulia Stabile’s love for Sangiovanni

In the meantime proceeds at full speed the love story between Giulia Stabile and Sangiovanni. The two, who met and fell in love while participating in Amici , today they are happier than ever . “I’m fluid, yes, but not sexually – said the singer recently -. Engaged for almost a year and monogamous, I am faithful but so much when you love a person there is no need to have others. Before I was more a womanizer, now less. My girlfriend is jealous and so am I, but we have never checked our cell phones “.

Sangiovanni in Sanremo: the support of Giulia Stabile

If Giulia Stabile is increasingly divided between TV and dance, Sangiovanni’s future is all in music. The singer will in fact be among the protagonists of the next Sanremo by Amadeus. Immediately after the announcement, Giulia showed her support for her boyfriend. “Everyone ready to listen Butterflies and support this beautiful baby – he explained, addressing the followers -. I ran to see that brat in Sanremo “.

A support, that between the engaged couple, which has always been mutual, as Giulia herself said. La Stabile revealed that had been criticized and attacked during the final of Tu Sì Que Vales . Fortunately, Sangiovanni arrived to help her and allowed her to overcome criticism and gratuitous malice of the haters. “During the final of Tu si que vales they told me all sorts of things, like that I was useless – said the young woman -. But precisely because it was the last episode, it was normal to have less space in favor of the race and the conductors “.