Free Valorant VP Codes New 2021

Valorant Free VP (Valorant Point) Codes Hello friends today, we are ready to give you the perfect Valorant Free VP (Valorant Point) Codes. We will give free Skin Codes and VP codes.

Valorant is one of the games that Riot Games has released with great hopes. In this game, users can buy items such as costumes or weapon skins without affecting the power of their characters in the game by exchanging real money with game currency called Valorant Points. The publisher company, which adopts the P2W style, never helps users gain an edge over their competitors by making payments.

While you can use authorized dealers to buy game coins called Valorant Points, you can also use coupon codes distributed by the game’s producer companies. These coupon codes are usually distributed to the publishers promoting the game, in the draws between the players and similar environments. We also share the codes we have collected through campaigns through our content.

Valorant Points (VP) Prices

Riot Games ‘multiplayer first-person tactical marksmanship video game that  Valorant  ‘ the Season Pass (War On-seasonal According to stage the skins), Radyanit Score, Proposals (Skin) and Showcase (Skin Kit) to get the domestic currency game  Valorant Points  (VP) you need to buy.

Since the prices offered by the brands selling Valorant Point on the Internet are unfortunately very high, many people have difficulty paying these money. In order to make a comparison  , we will inform you about the current Valorant Point prices in the table below .

These prices are VP prices determined by Riot Games.

How to Activate Free Valorant Point (VP) Code?

The free Valorant Point codes shared by with its readers can be activated with a few simple steps. To activate these codes, you must follow the steps below one by one.

  1. Copy the Valorant Point (VP) code.
  2. Enter the Valorant Store category.
  3. Tap on Riot Pins & Codes.
  4. Paste the code you copied into the relevant field and press the “Submit” button.

After these steps, you can get the costume you want for your character and weapons through the free Valorant Point codes that we share with you .

When is the Free Valorant Point Codes List Renewing?

The free Valorant Point codes that we share with you in this content are usually renewed at certain time intervals. We refresh the list every time a new code list arrives. All codes in this list are for single use only. Once used, it will become inactive. As such, if you run out of codes in the list, wanting to use the used codes again will not yield any results.

Free Valorant Skin Codes 2021

  •  DVLI-O545-Z1PR-TZB1
  • I83L-741W-TLU8-86W5
  •  17X2-XBB7-XH0Y-4LEA
  • YN19-5HHF-8LRO-0BF8
  •  IRNY-V5K6-N0NJ-8D2A
  •  STOB-H3Q6-4JB0-B3G9
  •  2P7G-F2TM-PV79-I8QO
  •  4MWD-B3WM-WFBB-5OG9

Valorant Free Valorant Points [VP] Codes [EUW] 2021

Free Valorant VP Code: REP-EUW-400-2CYC9HN4VTE47EWA

Free Valorant VP Code: REP-EUW-1780-EAS0ZYRLQBWBJKYP

Free Valorant VP Code : REP-EUW-400-IRY2J3V5225VMTJV

Free Valorant VP Code : REP-EUW-400-H3JFIQ2J3ZD4231D

Free Valorant VP Code: REP-EUW-840-DTMFVXQQFIH76W38

Free Valorant VP Code: REP-EUW-840-8F1DDE6SSWBZRT72

Free Valorant VP Code: REP-EUW-1780-89IGM9DUZWB3T8QV

Free Valorant VP Code : REP-EUW-840-7GNKBRWNE1JZWFB4

Free Valorant VP Code : REP-EUW-1780-QJSE8D854BIXJKP7

Free Valorant VP Code : REP-EUW-3620-JYXCD13SUQAHLFHZ

Free Valorant VP Code : REP-EUW-1780-F40Z4B7Q1G815YBC

Free Valorant VP Code : REP-EUW-840-T5AMCPFJZJFZ355F

Free Valorant VP Code : REP-EUW-3620-SROROS9VCLTF4NL2

Free Valorant VP Code: REP-EUW-1780-52D4A6T5JL19DXJA

Free Valorant Points [VP] Codes [EN] 2021

All you have to do to get costumes that will make you look more stylish against your opponents in the Valorant game is to use the codes in our list of free Valorant Point codes. The codes in this list are completely mixed. As such, it will not be possible to say how many vp codes will be released.

Here are all seven codes that you can use to redeem the new player cards.

  • Pride Rainbow – Code: [PRISMATIC]
  • Pride Cotton Candy – Code: [COTTONCANDY]
  • Pride Primary – Code: [PRIMARY]
  • Pride Galactic – Code: [GALACTIC]
  • Pride Sunset – Code: [SUNSET]
  • Pride Twilight – Code: [TWILIGHT]
  • Pride Sherbet – Code: [SHERBET]

There are also two additional codes that offer the player titles PROUD and ALLY. You can redeem the titles by using the codes JUBILANT01 and JUBILANT02. 

How to Redeem Valorant Pride Card Codes in June 2021

Here is how you can redeem the new Valorant Pride Card Codes in June 2021.

  1. Head to:
  2. Login to your Riot Games ID
  3. Enter the code of the card you want to redeem.
  4. Launch Valorant

The player cards might take some time to reflect on your account. The redemption portal has been unusable at times for some players due to the large number of players trying to redeem the new redemption codes.

If the website is unresponsive, it is recommended to try later. The redemption portal has been facing high traffic recently after Riot Games announced the Duality player card in addition to the new pride player cards. The cards will be available to all players throughout June but it is unknown if Riot Games will leave the codes active after the end of the month.

If you do not see the codes appear on your account within 48 hours of successfully activating them, you should contact Riot Games support and seek assistance.

We’ve added quite a bit of code. We will update VP codes every day. I hope those who need it get the codes. By the way, someone might be getting the codes. .Hurry up!

WARNING:   If the codes are invalid, know that someone else used it before you. We will constantly update the codes. Please try a few codes, if there are no valid codes please let us know in the comments.