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France and Great Britain sign agreements on nuclear cooperation

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By America Hernandez

PARIS (RockedBuzz via Reuters) – France and Britain signed two energy partnership agreements on Friday, emphasizing nuclear power as a secure source of low-carbon energy.

The deals were announced during a bilateral summit in Paris on energy, defense and migration.

“France and the UK are working together so that never again Putin (Russian President Vladimir) can weaponize our energy security,” British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said at a news conference in Paris.

“We are creating a future where every watt of energy that powers our homes and industry will come from safe, sustainable and reliable sources.”

French President Emmanuel Macron said he hoped the British could share their know-how in offshore wind, a technology France has struggled to develop.

Under the first of the two agreements, France will consider building electricity interconnectors with its neighbor to increase cross-border energy flows.

Both countries will also cooperate on clean energy technology, such as hydrogen and carbon capture.

A second nuclear-specific agreement establishes a working group on nuclear innovation and safety, with both countries building nuclear power plants, both full-scale reactors and small modular reactors. Reducing dependence on Russia for civilian nuclear goods was also mentioned as a priority.

“We have a common ambition, which is to get out of fossil fuels,” Macron said.

French utility EDF is already building a nuclear power station in Britain, Sizewell C, with a second project in the pipeline, Hinkley Point C.

(Report by America Hernandez; Editing by Barbara Lewis)