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Former Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro reappears in Miami still confused about having lost the election

origin 1Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro speaks at an event hosted by conservative group Turning Point USA, at Trump National Doral in Miami. © AP

Just weeks after his supporters stormed his country’s seat of government, former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro expressed concern on Friday about how he could lose an October election.

He did not directly address the Jan. 8 storming of the buildings housing Brazil’s Congress and Supreme Court during his appearance in Miami before a conservative group linked to former US President Donald Trump.

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Bolsonaro had mimicked Trump’s strategy during his own 2020 re-election campaign, for months sowing doubts about the reliability of Brazil’s voting machines and then petitioning to void millions of votes. Now he is under investigation for allegedly instigating the riot.

Like Trump, Bolsonaro did not concede the election, although unlike the former US president, he has never explicitly stated that he lost by fraud.

During a question-and-answer session with Charlie Kirk, head of conservative Turning Point USA, the former Brazilian president rattled off his administration’s successes and then gave supporters an opening.

“I can’t understand why”

“Brazil was doing very well,” Bolsonaro said.

“I can’t understand the reasons why (voters) decided to go left.”

After the cries of “fraud” died down, Kirk, who helped spread Trump’s vote fraud after the former US president’s loss, responded: “All I can say is that sounds very familiar.” .

The event took place at Trump’s hotel in Miami. Friday’s appearance marked part of Bolsonaro’s reemergence after spending several weeks in a Central Florida suburb. He spoke to supporters there earlier this week before taking the stage late Friday afternoon.

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