Home Hair Cutting Guide

For Men Who Want To Cut Their Own Hair: Home Hair Cutting Guide

It’s time to say goodbye to barbers! We wrote everything men who want to cut their own hair at home need to know! Here is a home hair cutting guide with all the details…

Although many men take the path of hairdressers and barbers for haircuts, cutting hair at home is not as difficult as it seems. As long as you pay attention to a few details, you can make wonderful haircuts at home and say goodbye to barbers and hairdressers. We wrote everything men who want to cut their own hair at home should know. Here is a home hair cutting guide for men who want to cut their own hair!

Home Hair Cutting Guide

Home Hair Cutting Guide

Is it best to cut your own hair wet or dry?

Your hair should be damp. It should not be wet or dry, says Claire. “Stylists have proper dry cutting scissors so you don’t want to attempt cutting your hair tips dry.” The risk to having hair that’s super wet is that hair shrinks when it dries so you could end up cutting off a lot more than you mean to.

Let’s start with the ingredients you need first!

Home Hair Cutting Guide

We start with preparing the ingredients first! The ingredients you need are as follows: A portable mirror, hair towel, hair scissors, shaver, shampoo and conditioner. When it comes to cutting hair, it’s important to have the right shaver. Therefore, we continue with the subtleties of choosing a shaver!

Alpha’s Step-by-Step Self Haircut

You’ll need the following: handheld mirror, sharp scissors, comb, and hair clippers.

  1.  Wet your hair — when you’re finished, towel dry.
  2. Comb up off the sides and find where you normally part your hair which sections your hair.
  3.  Hair clippers typically have 5 attachments and microadjustments. Alpha starts with #4. Start at the temple, go up, and fade out (not up and over). Repeat to the other side. Last, grab your handheld mirror and do the back
  4. Next up is the #3 attachment and then the #2 attachment. When he goes to #1, he moves the blade as far out as it can go. He fades lower at sideburn and base of neck for a tighter look. Roll the clippers for a gradual fade rather than a hard line.
  5. Clean up around the ear and neck – you may need help as this step is a bit tricky. Go nice and slow.
  6.  Progress to the top of your head – your hair needs to be dampened on the top. Then pull up a sections and cut a bit of the ends off. Move section by section over your hair.

It’s scary right now — and we need to take care of each other. We are resilient and amazing when we come together. Times are tough and crazy right now, and they will get better.

Things to consider when choosing a shaver

Things to consider when choosing a shaver

One of the most important points to consider when choosing a shaver for haircut is the functionality of the blades. We all know that knives that dull over time cannot show their former performance. For this reason, choosing a changeable blade shaver is a must for a long-lasting use. Another point you should pay attention to is the battery life of the shaver. It is very important to have a battery life of more than 2 hours for a comfortable and long use. Of course, if you wish, you can choose wired models and cut your hair near the outlet. In addition, the machine washable is a must for effective cleaning.

Preparation for a haircut at home

Now it’s time to get ready for a haircut! Shampoo your hair well and rinse. Then condition with conditioner and rinse again. After cleaning your hair, dry it with a towel and remove the excess water. Comb your hair using a fine comb or brush. If you have trouble combing your hair, you can use argan oil, if you haven’t heard of this oil before, you can get more information about what is argan oil in our content. You can open the tangled parts much easier with argan oil. After combing your hair, part your hair in the middle and comb the part between your ears and the middle line downwards. Buy Amazon Shampoo for hair..

Best Overall: PURA D’OR Hair Thinning Therapy Biotin Shampoo

Hair Thinning Therapy Biotin Shampoo

This shampoo truly does it all: cleansing and purifying your scalp while blending the hair growth MVPs-biotin, argan oil, and niacin-to promote strand resilience as well as encourage overall volume and shine.

Find a comfortable environment to cut your hair. Keep in mind that this may take a few hours if this is your first time. For this reason, it is imperative that you create an environment where you can be comfortable. In addition, placing a mirror in front of and behind you makes cutting much easier. If you wish, you can get help from a friend and ask him to hold a mirror behind your head.

Determine the cut length

Hairdressers Guide To Cutting Your Own Hair And Not Ruining It; Hi Beautiful! This video will help you achieve a perfect at home haircut.

Determine the length of the hair cut using the attachments of the shaver. Generally, lengths of 3 to 13mm would be ideal for a simple haircut. If your shaver has different attachments for the back of the ear, you can use these attachments and you can easily shave the back of your ears. Before starting the cut, remember to attach the comb attachment to the cutting head with the teeth facing upwards and to fix the lower latch by pressing the lower end of the cutting head.

Back and side cut

Back and side cut

For home haircuts, we first start with a back and side cut! When cutting these areas, be careful to use your machine at a low setting. In this way, you can cut your hair little by little and prevent possible accidents.

Wear a low-numbered hood and trim your sides from bottom to top with the tip of the machine blade. Get a smooth transition by tilting the machine blade as you go up. Take care to go against the direction of hair growth. Thus, you can get a smoother cut.

Now it’s time for the back! Cut your hair, moving from the bottom up, just like you do on the sides. At this point, do not forget to get help from the mirror you have placed behind your head and slightly lift the end of the machine after each cut for a smooth transition.

Top cut

Hi Beautiful! Here’s a guide to cutting your own hair or cutting your mans hair without completely ruining it. Hairdressers Guide To Cutting Your Own Hair And Not Ruining It (mens edition)

If you wish, you can also use a suitable headgear and cut the upper parts of your hair with a machine. However, using scissors instead of a machine will help you get a smoother and more voluminous image. Before you cut the top of your hair, comb it into parts. Cut each piece you separate one by one and little by little. Thus, you can minimize possible accidents. Keep in mind that when cutting the full crown of your hair, you have to be much more delicate than other areas.

Finishing touches

It’s time for the final touches! Trim your sideburns to the length you want with a hair clipper or a shaver. If you will leave your favorites long, you can cut them flush with your earlobe. For short sideburns, just cut at the level of the pit just below your cheekbones. You can use a haircut or beard shaver to shorten your neck. All you have to do is to define a horizontal line and shave the parts below this line to the nape of the neck. After you’ve finished your haircut, don’t forget to style your hair. In this way, you can immediately see the parts you do not like and correct them quickly.

How to Cut Your Own Hair Tips and warnings! 

Guaranteed easiest way to cut your hair at home!

  • #Step 1: Part your hair
  • #Step 2: Number 4 (closed)
  • #Step 3: Number 3 (closed)
  • #Step 4: Number 2 (closed)
  • #Step 5: Number 1 (opened)
  • #Step 6: Number 1 (closed)
  • #Step 7: No guards for the neck (opened)
  • #Step 8: Hair trim with scissors
  • #Step 9: Shape up with trimmers


  1. Never cut your hair with household scissors. Using scissors increases the margin of error. Get a professional or similar barber scissors to cut hair at home.
  2. Do not forget to cover the floor before cutting your hair.
  3. If you are going to cut your hair in front of the sink, do not forget to cover the drain of the sink. In this way, you can avoid possible blockages.
  4. Do not shorten your hair as much as you would at the barber. Thus, if you make a mistake, you will have the chance to straighten your hair without hitting zero.
  5. Be careful to choose sulfate-free shampoos for healthier hair.
  6. Regular use of hair mask and oil will help your hair grow in a healthier way.
  7. If you are struggling with hair loss, you can use blue water and make your hair grow thicker and faster.

How to Cut Your Own Hair


gentlemen drastic times call for drastic

hair measures come on

all right gentlemen let’s get down to

business so for this job you’re gonna

need a few tools you’re gonna need a

handheld me or something to see the back

of your head you’re also gonna need a

pair of sharp scissors a comb and then

in this box Old Faithful my wall hair

clipping set guys I’m gonna link to a

few of these down on Amazon today I’m

dusting off the old clippers for a

little alpha an old-school haircutting

tutorial and I’m doing this because I

need a haircut it’s been a minute it’s

been about three weeks since I’ve gotten

my cut and I’m not going out to the

barber or to see Steven I don’t think

any of us are for a little while and so

I thought it’d be a perfect opportunity

to to test out my old skills and see if

I still got the touch cutting your own

hair isn’t all that complicated or

difficult it takes a little practice if

you have the right tools though you can

do and after I cut it I’m gonna style it

to see how bad I jacked it up that one

is wet your hair make sure to get in the

back the sides all over when you’re

finished towel dry once your hair is Kal

dried grab your comb now what we want to

do is actually get the majority of your

hair up

all right off of the sides all right

what I want you to do is to actually

find where you normally part your hair

find your part and get your hair out of

your face and then on the other side

we’re also getting the hair off of the

side see you section off your hair you

basically have the top and then you’ve

got the side most haircutting sets are

going to come with five attachments all

right you also have micro adjustments

right here and so I am actually going to

be starting with the number four

attachment I don’t really know how long

my hair is because I haven’t cut it in a

while but what I’m gonna do is start

here on the side on the temple go up

and fade-out see how they do that up and

out you’re pulling out all right not up

and over up and out all right you’re

gonna go all the way up to your hair and

then you’re also going to do the other

side before you move on to the back

after both sides

grab your handheld mirror and do the

back now this takes a little bit of

getting used to but honestly it’s not

that bad you just got to try to remember

we’re stuck inside so if you jack up the

back it’s no big deal all right and

it’ll grow back that’s the beautiful


next up number three attachment and

you’re gonna do the same thing but

instead of going as high you’re gonna

actually drop it down a little bit lower

remember it’s all about a fade right so

here and pulling out instead of going

all the way up here it’s a little bit

lower all right and feathering

right there

now I’m using the number 2 attachment

right right there right now some hair is

starting to come off a little bit

next up I’m going number one but then

I’m actually going to move the blade as

far out as it’ll go all right now what

I’m doing next is actually just fading

lower on like my sideburn temple area

and then just at like the base of my

neck now depending on how long your

sides are you can stop at any point but

me I like it a little bit tighter and so

I’m going number one blend it in with

the beard up and roll it’s all about

rolling the Clippers in order to get a

nice gradual fade as opposed to like a

hard line

next up before we get to the top I’m

actually going to clean up around my ear

and my neck now for you guys out there

that haven’t done this before I would

recommend getting your mom your dad your

girlfriend your boyfriend your husband

your wife whoever to actually help

because this can be a little bit tricky

but me I’ve done it before so I’m gonna

try to do it again alright just around

the ears nice and low other side right


take your time there’s no rushing this

right go nice and slow can’t help if you

need it now the second part of this is

the top your hair is dried out you want

to make sure that you get it sort of

damp again alright because it’s easier

to cut up here alright take the section

right there you’re gonna pull it up with

your fingers all right right there and

then you’re just going to knock the

little bit of ends off depending on how

much you want to take off all right

and grab the section right next to it

right there and take your scissors cut

on top of your fingers next section all

you’re doing is moving section by

section over your hair alright you start

on the front and then what you’re going

to do and start on the next section

alright pull it up right back there and

just knock off the tips section over and

up and knock off the tips it’s just a

little bit and all you do is move

section by section back your head

alright so now we’re gonna go right

there start there a little bit and just

a little bit right there there it is one

alpha em home haircut complete now I’m

gonna get a shower come back and style

it and see how bad I jacked it up and

now a word from our sponsors you are

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right it’s scary right now things are a

little bit crazy

it will pass though I promise you that I

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all right gentlemen moment of truth

let’s see how I did all right so first

things first I’m going to be applying my

heat protectant spray right about four

or five squirts of that work it in heat

protectant sprays if you are going to be

using a hairdryer Flatiron are critical

and then you style it like normal normal

for me is about one two three four five

six seven squirts of the sea salt spray

this stuff is a hair game-changer the

amount of texture and density and volume

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freestyler guys is ridiculous after I

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looking smooth now it’s time to drop

all right now what I’d like to do to

finish off my hair I get my putty again

and just take a very very very small

little bit all right this is just to

sort of finish the hairstyle and lock it

into place I also like to do this to add

a little bit of PC texture and

separation I go in there a little bit of

that action oh yeah mama

oh girl a little PC separation quad yeah


I’m ready to FaceTime or Skype my ass

off with those spicy ass annually

actually I got a wife but you you’re

ready now I’m gonna rotate ready all

right so check it out

what do you think not too bad right it’s

been a few years a little bit rusty but

it’s kind of like riding a bike

gentlemen here’s the deal I wanted to do

this video just to show you that even

when times are a little bit weird you

still have control all right you can

still look good you can still take care

of yourself you can still be

well-groomed because in my opinion times

like this call for us to maintain our

routine and do the things that we’re

used to doing as much as possible it

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Pedro is here for you and your hair and

if you guys dug this video and want more

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