Footprints discovered in Wales, their mystery revealed – RB

Footprints discovered in Wales, their mystery revealed – RB

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Footprints discovered in Wales, their mystery revealed mystery – RB

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Footprints discovered in Wales, their mystery revealed – RB


The experts of the National History Museum analyzed the site. Found a year ago by a paleontologist, these are the marks left by a Triassic sauropod of 200 millions of years does.

January 2 2022

Not only is Dorset in Great Britain a rich source of traces world history of millions of years ago, of the recent finds at Penarth , in Wales, revealed an interesting discovery. Last year, an amateur paleontologist, Kerry Rees, spotted a series of footprints in the Welsh soil which today have been described in a new article, published in the Geological Magazine. These are traces left by a Triassic sauropod 200 millions of years ago.

Footprints in Wales

Kerry Rees took photographs of the area she was visiting in Penarth and sent them to the National History Museum from London. Museum paleontologist Susannah Maidment revealed that what was seen in the images deserved to be explored and new studies on the Welsh territory . In fact, the site had previously been visited by other teams from various parts of the world, for example one from France, another from nearby Cardiff University and one that included Cindy Howells of the National Museum of Wales, who is also one of the co-authors of the new discovery.

Paleontologist Paul Barrett explained that the teams initially ruled out that the markings on the ground could be footprints due to lack of fingers and the large distance from each other. Fortunately, though, the French team had taken photos of the site which allowed the NHM scientists to see that, at the time of the research, there were indeed features in the footprints that looked like toes: these smaller marks were they were simply erased by the weather in the 10 years following the French investigation.

The discovery of what footprints are in Wales

Once it was clear that there were fingerprints in front of them, it remained to find out who they belonged to. Traces like these “are not particularly common around the world,” Barrett said, and “the number of Triassic dinosaurs in the UK is quite small “, but there were some clues nearby that could point to a lead in the analysis. early sauropods lived in Great Britain at the time, “explained Maidment,” as bones of Camelotia, a very ancient sauropod, have been found in Somerset in rocks dating back to the same period ”. Researchers believe that one of these very early sauropods is responsible for the tracks. It would be a Eosauropus , an ancient species of sauropod that , over the next tens of millions of years, it would evolve into some of the most iconic giants of the Jurassic era, such as Diplodocus and Brachiosaurus.

Meanwhile, a dinosaur egg was found in China, while traces of life of these gigantic animals of the past have also been identified in Italy. Among the latest discoveries there is also that of a new species of big-nosed dinosaur.

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