Flora Coquerel: her secret to taking care of her hair

Flora Coquerel: her secret to take care of her hair (News) – Flora Coquerel: her secret to take care of her hair As RockedBuzz.com, we have explained detailed information on this subject in detail below. “Flora Coquerel: her secret to take care of her hair” Here are the details .. Two days ago, the former Miss France 2014 revealed the hair products she uses to maintain her frizzy hair. A beauty secret that works when you see the beauty of your hair. We steal him!

While the election of Miss France 2021 is emerging and that the candidates for the crown are revealed little by little before the event scheduled on 000 next December, the former Miss France are also talking of them. Recently, Elodie Gossuin unveiled her change of mind on social networks alongside Amandine Petit, elected Miss France 2016, by sharing a photo of her with a new cut of cannon hair . Today, it’s Flora Coquerel, crowned Miss France in 1947, which reveals the products she uses to have beautiful curly hair. We take note!

It is on her Instagram account @floracoquerel that the young woman a confided this to his few 443 subscribers, two days ago, by sharing four pictures including three of her that showed her beautiful hair with curly lengths, as well as a fourth presenting the hair care range that she uses recently. If we already knew that she used the natural care brand Les Secrets de Loly which offers products for all hair textures thanks to an interview with Gala, it is at the Absolue Kératine hair ritual of the René Furterer brand that the ‘ex-Miss France this time owes her hair in full health despite its coloring, as she explains in the caption of her post: “I have finished the treatment Absolue Keratin from @renefurterer which I told you about a few weeks ago. It is recommended for hair damaged by heat, colors or highlights. I have dry, colored hair so they really needed it and this break was really good for them. The cure repairs the hair fiber from the inside as well as from the outside. Have you tested it? ✨ ”

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The products of the Absolue Kératine range by René Furterer Although we cannot see that four products out of the five existing in Flora Coquerel’s post, there is actually one more product in this hair routine because the brand had the good idea to decline its repairing mask in two versions in order to best meet the needs thin and thick hair. The latter is of course accompanied by a shampoo but also a special treatment for damaged ends that prevents split ends.

Here is where you can get the Absolue Kératine range from René Furterer:

The secrets of the Absolute restorative ritual René Furterer Keratin As we know, curly hair like that of Flora Coquerel is naturally drier by nature than Caucasian hair, and when it undergoes certain coloring techniques, it tends to become all the more sensitized and damaged. ‘they were already fragile before dyeing. They therefore need particularly effective nourishing and repairing care to recover. And it is precisely for this kind of problem that the Absolue Kératine range by René Furterer was designed. But far from being reserved for curly hair, it is also suitable for all other types of hair as long as they are damaged. The range relies more precisely on three active ingredients of natural origin: vegetable keratin to regenerate the hair fiber, biocymentin (a lipid extract from soybeans) which acts as a cement at the cellular level to strengthen the hair, as well as camelina oil which is very nourishing because it is rich in omega 3.

Flora Coquerel’s curly hair: more than a beauty bias If the third runner-up in Miss Universe 2015 (title she has obtained in 2015) takes so much care of her curls, it’s not just to flaunt pretty hair. Adept at straightening from time to time, she does not hesitate to vary her hairstyles and transform her hair when she feels like it, but she makes a point of honor to “assume her Afro hair” as she confided in the interview that she gave to Gala several years ago: “I receive so many messages from young girls who do not assume that for me, it is almost a militant act to leave them natural. Why not accept his nature of hair? Why hide its origins behind a smoothing? We have been too much led to believe that curly hair gives an air of neglect and forced to adapt to standards. So if I can help black or Métis women to take charge, so much the better ” she explained.

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