Five wine decanters to serve wine at home like a true professional

Five wine decanters to serve wine at home like a true professional

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Five wine decanters to serve wine at home like a true professional

Five wine decanters to serve wine at home like a true professional We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Five wine decanters to serve wine at home like a true professional Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Five wine decanters to serve wine at home like a true professional

Lovers of red wine, surely have a good wine decanter on your wish list, especially if they have large reserve bottles worthy of this utensil in their wine cellar.

For this reason and to surprise you (or give us a well-deserved gift if it is us), we have selected five of the best valued in Amazon . From the most traditional to the newest, these are the most interesting:

The first of our options is perfect for gourmets, as it is a cascading pouring glass decanter that promises to increase the contact area between wine and air.

In this way, according to the manufacturer itself, it breaks with the slow decanting process of the traditional decanter, reducing the usual time of about 30 minutes to 5 maximum. It is made by hand and the mouth of the aerator has a very fine filter that removes sediment in addition to oxygenating. We have it on Amazon by 49, 100 euros.

Wine Decanter, Red Wine Jug with Integrated Aerator, Gift Wine, Stainless Steel Pouring Cap, Filter, Glass Tumbler 100% Hand Blown without Lead

With a totally different and reduced design, we have this compact decanter that promises to aerate the wine in much less time. To do this, you just have to serve it in the glass directly through the same decanter.

The decanter that has the black Amazon’s Choices recommendation label and an average rating of 4.6 stars among more than 4000 buyers, promises to refine and make the wine bouquet complex. In addition, it turns out to be quite inexpensive since we found it for only 18, 97 euros.

hotder Wine Red Wine Aerator with Base for Red Wine, Black.

Even cheaper and much smaller is this decanter, a simple accessory that we place in the mouth of the bottle to serve the glasses through it. It really looks like a simple buffer but thanks to its double wall it promises to enrich the wine with the optimal amount of oxygen.

According to the manufacturer himself, this stopper-shaped decanter modifies the complex structures of the wine as soon as it is poured, releasing more intense aromas and flavors. We found it on Amazon for only 14, 99 14, 69 euros.

Wine Decanter and Bottle Aerator – Professional Quality Quick Pourer | Red Wine Oxidizer, Pourer Decanters | Accessories Bar, Stopper, Gift Woman Man Birthday Party Friend

But if what we are looking for is a decanter in the most traditional and strict sense of the word, this glass Smaier with 1200 ml capacity is the best choice. It is a carafe curved in the shape of a U (to optimize the entry of oxygen into the wine) that, thanks to its fine spout, allows easy serving, after a prudent wait.

We can find it on Amazon -where it has an average score of 4.4 stars among more than 1000 Buyers- for single 29, 99 euros (with next day shipping included, in case we want to surprise a wine lover in Reyes).

Decanter, Smaier 1200 ml Wine Red Aerator, Jug Glass Gifts, Wine Accessories

Finally, one of the most sophisticated systems for decanting wine is this Asog that promises to aerate in wine in a matter of seconds -something very interesting if we compare it with the average of 30 minutes of the traditional ones- thanks to its unique system in three stages.

ASOG Wine Aerator Wine Decanter Wine Decanter Jug with Tower Set, Ideal for Wine Gift

We can find it on Amazon -where it has an average score of 4.5 stars among more than 500 Buyers- by 39, 99 euros. The price also includes the decanter , An opener, a serving spout, a cutter and even a base to place the bottle while the process is in progress.

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