Five new perfumes for men to give this Christmas 2021 to be sure

Five new men’s perfumes to give away this Christmas 2021 to get it right for sure

Hello, Welcome to the News site! I will present you all the details of Five new perfumes for men to give this Christmas 2021 to get it right here.

Five new perfumes for men to give this Christmas 2021 to be sure

Five new men’s perfumes to give away this Christmas 2021 to be sure We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Five new perfumes for men to give away this Christmas 2021 to be sure Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Five new men’s perfumes to give away this Christmas 2021 to be sure

The time has come to buy the Christmas gifts and when it comes to choosing the the men of our life, seasonal perfumes are an idea not to be mistaken . An option that is never lacking in the wishlist ideal Christmas to surprise when gifting. And if they also come in the form of a gift box, they are a sure hit .

We collect the most appetizing that we have booked this Christmas 2021 :

Luna Rossa Ocean by Prada

This new scent by Prada combines innovation and technology in a single bottle. The fragrance offers a fascinating citrus cocktail combined with a daring duo of lavender and sage to create a clean, fresh cloud. This unique leather heart expresses the second skin effect and explores a sensual accord of saffron and suede along with the elegant creaminess of orris notes. Wrapped in a careful blend of patchouli, vetiver and musks, the fragrance offers an addictive masculine trail, a balance between strength, elegance and modern and contemporary sensuality.

Price: 94, 50 euros 59, 99 euros in Primor.

Ralph’s Club by Ralph Lauren

This new fragrance by Ralph Lauren is inspired by hipster men who inspire others to enjoy life in their company.

Fresh and powerful notes of bleach and apple blend with the heart of sage, balancing perfectly with the warm exuberance of Virginia cedar and luxurious vetiver, pushing the boundaries of sensuality to the highest levels.

Price: 108 euros 59, 95 euros in Druni.

Kenzo Homme

The first masculine perfume of Kenzo . A woody marine fragrance inspired by nature with the intensity of bamboo and the serenity of the sea breeze.

It is an eco-responsible scent since it does not use synthetic alcohol and is composed only of beet alcohol, water and perfume concentrate. In addition, its deep blue bamboo-shaped bottle contains a 10% recycled glass, the design of your stopper has been optimized to save a 34% plastic and is wrapped in kraft cardboard untreated and in a package made from responsibly sourced paper printed with bio-sourced inks.

Price: 59, 99 euros at Sephora.

KENZO Kenzo Homme Men’s Perfume Box Christmas Collection Once upon a time there was “” White Heron Castle “” in Japan

Pedro del Hierro Pour Homme Sport

Inspired by the force of nature and having water as the main representative element of this force, Pedro del Hierro Pour Homme SPORT , celebrates feeling alive through a fragrance capable of connecting us with the purest sensations. An irresistible mineral touch combined with sparkling notes of grapefruit and ginger.

Price: 39, 90 euros in Cortefiel.

Paco Rabanne Phantom

The daring new men’s perfume from Paco Rabanne forms the aromatic trail of a new generation. This Christmas, it presents its silhouette in an XXL version inside a chromed metal case. Along with the most exciting perfume of the moment, an energizing shower gel. Sensual, but subtle.

Price: 67, 100 euros at Sephora.

Phantom Eau De Toilette Box PACO RABANNE Christmas Collection The Phantom gift box for men consists of Eau de Toilette

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