Five ideas to combine dresses and get it right whenever we get from Victoria Beckham's looks -!

It girl par excellence and a successful designer, Victoria Beckham is one of our main references when we talk about building sophisticated, elegant and infallible looks . The English woman is a fan of dresses and wears them in such ingenious ways that it serves as a source of inspiration to create new looks with a dress that we already have at home. Printed dress, solid color accessories When we wear a striking patterned dress, the best option not to fail is to opt for a bag and one-color shoes that are the same tone. In this case, two violet accessories that add a touch of color to a look featuring black and white. Black dress, red shoes Red shoes, especially the slitettos , are a staple in the closet of heel lovers. We have seen Beckham sport this pair of shoes on several occasions, but we were left with the option of merging black and red in an outstanding style. If it’s cold, add a turtleneck under dress There are dresses that fall short to face the cold. Victoria teaches us that we can wear a fitted high neck T-shirt in a shade that matches the dress . We can even bet on a thermal model that is discreet. Midi dress, high boots Sometimes, we limit ourselves to combining high boots with miniskirts or minidresses, but we fall into a mistake. The celeb chooses to wear a patterned design along with some high knee-high boots in maroon color . If it’s really cold, you can add some thick socks. Fit the dress to your body with a belt Finally, Victoria knows that highlighting the figure is synonymous with betting on a belt. Thus, we see how a printed midi dress looks next to a belt that adjusts the garment to your body. In this way, we highlight our curves and we can play to combine complementary colors , for example. Photos | Gtres