Five foods that help you cope with a hangover (and many recipes to prepare them)

Five foods that help you cope with a hangover (and many recipes to prepare them)

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Five foods that help you cope with a hangover (and many recipes to prepare them)

Five foods that help you cope with a hangover (and many recipes to prepare them) We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Five foods that help you cope with a hangover (and many recipes to prepare them) Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Five foods that help you cope with a hangover (and many recipes to prepare them)

I’m sorry to tell you that the only effective hangover remedy is to avoid it. Unfortunately we still don’t have the wonderful secret to lowering its horrible effects . What we can do is mitigate, a little, the discomfort that it causes us: dizziness, pain, gastritis, dry mouth …

With these foods and recipes you can pamper yourself a bit after a night of alcoholic debauchery (which is not good for your health , by the way) and get through the day a little better.

To ease the stomach after a hangover: yogurt

You may not feel like a creamy, tangy taste at all when waking up with a hangover. However, there is a group of vitamins related to the processing of alcohol , which is the determinant of the malaise that we will suffer. For everything to work well in our body we will need a good supply of B vitamins, which regulate many metabolic aspects of the body.

Alcohol upsets the stomach, causing problems in our intestinal microbiota

On the other hand, alcohol upsets the stomach, causing problems in our intestinal microbiota . Surely you know exactly what I’m talking about. To solve it, there is nothing better than drinking water and taking a food that helps to restore it . Again, there we have the yogurt, which will help us control gastritis an effective form.

We literally have more than a hundred recipes with yogurt to get the most out of this food. Although probably what suits us best is something softer: this homemade yogurt with raspberry sauce or, better, with mango and chia sauce , which could help us with a hangover thanks to the mango. We might also like an ice cream of yogurt with strawberries , since the cold could help us focus our attention on something else.

Nourish and calm us: homemade broths

On the hangover, there are many studies that indicate that its effects are very similar (dramatic pause), to the flu. As we said, despite costing millions a year and being one of the most recurrent “conditions”, we know very little about it. But scientists have found certain similarities in flu processes and the discomfort caused by alcohol . This leads us to an idea: home flu remedies may also work against hangovers.

The broths will help to accelerate the metabolism, and its liquid texture will facilitate its digestion

Indeed, the homemade broths sit perfectly to mitigate their effects. Among other things, they contain nutrients that will help us accelerate metabolism, and their liquid texture will facilitate digestion . Among them, the most important are the B vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and fats that can help in the recovery process. In addition, it will help us hydrate ourselves.

Most likely, we don’t fancy a heavy, fatty broth, so this technique for clarifying it will come in handy. If we are in a brave mood, we can dare with a seafood broth , although the traditional is a Christmas stock .

The pomegranate, against headaches and discomfort

As we said, as with flu symptoms, the hangover gives us a quite unpleasant feeling of discomfort , not to mention a terrible headache. Fortunately, and although there is no cure for a hangover, certain anti-inflammatories are especially effective for combat these symptoms .

Inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis can help mitigate hangover pain and discomfort

Prostaglandins are a group of lipid substances whose function is to act as cellular mediators, with very different effects. These are related to inflammation caused by pain. Inhibiting its synthesis, naturally, can help mitigate the discomfort and pain caused by a hangover . For this, we can use various foods that we will surely have on hand. It must be said that many of these must eat them before , and not after, to reduce the effect of the hangover.

Among these is the grenade , which helps reduce the production of prostaglandins , and that we can take raw, or in different recipes, such as this jelly , in sorbet or as appetizer .

Fish also works against prostaglandins

The fish rich in omega-3 have also been shown to be useful for managing inflammatory processes . In fact, these “good” fatty acids are quite effective in controlling autoimmune responses, effects that a hangover seems to have a lot to do with.

Thus, we can choose fish such as salmon, with a recipe tremendously simple and that we can complicate as much as we want; or if we prefer, we can take advantage of some of those marine preserves that we have at home.

The fruit helps against inflammation

Finally, we can find endless beneficial effects in the fruits. The large amount of antioxidants and vitamins, water and sugars that we find in them, is phenomenal to fight a hangover. But, above all, the fruit in general also has a reducing effect on the production of prostaglandins .

First of all, because some of them also contain beneficial fatty acids . Second, because some of the antioxidants present participate in the metabolic pathway of prostaglandins, inhibiting their production. We can find these beneficial fatty acids in very varied foods, with a multitude of recipes to enjoy them. The recipe to eat them depends on our taste, but for options other than.

The final note: no there is a hangover cure

We began by saying it, and we will end up repeating it: there is nothing that will free us from the effects of a hangover. We can try to have the best of ourselves (above are some tips and foods for it), but the only way to get rid of it is to avoid drinking too much.

Although some foods help, we should not rely on “antirresca” recipes, as they will not cure it. It is better to feed ourselves properly: with more fruits and vegetables, with less meat, more fish, less ultra-processed, fair and good quality fats , etc. This, oddly, helps mitigate many of the effects of a hangover, but is a long-term gamble.

It is better to eat properly. This, interestingly, helps mitigate many of the long-term effects of hangovers.

Of course, wonderful substances or urban legends are not worth listening to: no, Vitamin B 12 will not help us to reduce it. Although there are lots of patents “antirresca”, medicines and herbal mixture, very few substances help with discomfort . In general, only anti-inflammatory prostaglandin inhibitors (also known as selective COX-2 inhibitors) will work, and not for everyone.

So before drinking, and even though that same day we went to the supermarket to get all the food we were talking about, remember: you can have a better hangover, but you will not get rid of it. If you do not want to suffer its effects, endangering your health , be careful what you drink.

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