Five fabulous masks to take care of the skin of your face and relax taking advantage of the holidays of … -!

There are a few days off when you surely want to spend some time with family, leisure, gastronomy … and taking care of yourself. If you are thinking in a good time of relaxation, two pieces of cucumber, a good music list and a beauty mask, these are our proposals for face masks.

mask with aquatic mint stick Kloran

Klorane One of the releases that we liked the most this season is etsa Klorane line of water mint and bio (with Bio Cosmos Organic certificate). Within the line we find a cleansing stick mask for many applications. Its intense purifying effect cleanses, illuminates and mattifies the skin. It combines two very powerful active ingredients: aquatic mint that is born on the paths of rivers and aquifers, with properties detoxifiers and antioxidants. And white clay, which absorbs impurities . It leaves the skin breathing and is very refreshing. 150 ml / p – 457906

Kneipp Kneipp are not only theses and valerian pills for sleeping. The brand lands in the world of cosmetics with all its knowledge of a natural product that helps the face, the body and make our life more comfortable.

From this brand we recommend two masks (and an oil since we are). The relaxing mask with essential oils of Swiss pine and amyris balsamífera. This vegan product is free of microplastics and has a restorative effect on the skin. It costs 3, 45 euros.

We can not resist also recommending its regenerating body oil at night, also made of pine. Wonderful scent, skin rest, soothing sleeping sensations. It costs 8, 45 euros.

Kneipp Good Night Tissue Facial Mask 18 ml

Kneipp Good Night Regenerating Body Oil 142 ml

Skin Clinic Another brand that we love for a good mask is Skin Clinic. Let us remember that we are talking about a product that is used in aesthetic medicine centers. But we can do a treatment at home with a good mask. Its star is Biocelmask illumina. An illuminating mask with Vitamin C that has conquered all beauty experts (reactive skin should avoid it, but it has other marvelous ones from the brand, in the end we are talking about a cabin product). It is ideal now that the summer and autumn sun have passed. Another wonder, Biocel Mask antiaging effect. Price: 20, 90 euros.

Filorga the pharmacy brand de lujo proposes a mask at a very good price ratio because its products are always a luxury. The super-smoothing mask is well worth an afternoon this long weekend. Filorga Time-filler Mask is an intensive collagen-based treatment with firming and tightening properties, combating dryness, tiredness and fatigue of the skin. you will like it and you will want to repeat it before all your parties. is on sale at Promofarma for 7, 28 although it costs 14 eruos normally.

Filorga super smoothing face mask

Apivita This brand we love it for its ecological background and the purity of its assets, always for sale in pharmacies. We were already very fans of his Cucumber express mask, but now it comes with more news. On the one hand, there is the single-dose artichoke mask. Brightens the face, improves skin texture and reduces open pores. The price is great: two masks for 3, 50. And there are other new masks, this time already in normal packaging, such as the pumpkin one for a gentle enzymatic exfoliation that removes impurities and illuminates. By 13, 75 euros.

Image | @erikabermejor