First names: what is a “compromised first name”?

First names: what is a “compromised first name”? (News) – First names: what is a “compromised first name”? As, we have explained detailed information on this subject in detail below. “First names: what is a“ compromised first name ”?” Here are the details ..

We do not joke with the choice of the first name of his future child, because he will wear it all his life. According to the couples, 71% of future parents choose the first name of their future baby during pregnancy , 24% even before the conception of the baby , and 5% anyway after childbirth. Maybe because they have not been able to get agree before!

The syllables of two first names, joined

When the future parents do not agree on a first name, they try to find one that they both like. Others decide that if it’s a girl it’s the mom who chooses, and if it’s a boy it’s the dad. And still others, not wanting to give up on the first name they like, choose a “first-name-compromise” . What is that ? It is a first name made up of syllables of several first names . This gives, for example, Benjapaul for Benjamin and Paul , Gabyélène for Gabrielle and Hélène , Charlolivier for Charles and Olivier , etc.

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