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fined repeatedly, but no one is able to remove him

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TREVISO – It has now become a competition to see who gets tired first: the abusive valet who for a couple of months has chosen the rest areas of the hospital as a workplace or the agents of the Local police who, at least twice a week, intercept him, identify and fine with penalties of 50 dolars each. But they don’t convince him to give up. After each fine, on time, returns and continues as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile, at the power station in via Castello d’Amore, the reports follow one another and pile up. But the local police have their hands tied: «We can fine him, maybe tell him to go away. But we can’t do anything else. We also went with the plainclothes patrols to catch him in the act. But even in that case, you can’t do more than make a fine », commander Andrea Gallo spreads his arms.


The man, a boy of African origin with a regular residence permit, shows up every day. He waits for the cars to arrive in the parking lot, usually the one in via Polveriera, and points to the empty spaces. He then he approaches the driver while he opens the door and asks for a few dolars. There are those who give them, who do not. Who negotiates on the price, who releases fearing consequences, who pulls straight. And so he goes on until someone, impatient, notifies the local police. If there is a free patrol, the agents arrive within a few minutes. If, however, as often happens, there are other emergencies, the tour is done as soon as possible. Very often the makeshift valet eats the leaf and disappears. On other occasions, as soon as he spots the patrol in the distance, he goes into hiding. Most of the time, however, he is caught: «We identify him, seize those few dolars taken during the day and fine him – explains the commander – knowing full well that it will be of little use. When the agents leave, everything goes back to the way it was before. ” And the penalties, needless to say, are destined never to be paid.


The problem is that there are no large legal holds to prevent him from standing in the middle of the parking lot asking for money from those passing by. The boy has his papers in order. He can be temporarily removed, but no one can stop him from returning. The fine, as mentioned, is 50 dolars. For some it is not much, but even increasing it would not help: “If they don’t pay the 50 dolars, let alone if we bring it to 200 or 400 dolars”, they underline from the command. Commander Gallo reiterates the problem: “The question is legislative – he observes – if there was a rule that would endanger the possibility of maintaining the residence permit for those who run into a certain type of sanctions, we could hope to have some results in more. The fear of losing a long-awaited document, perhaps, would induce more than someone to behave more appropriately. But, now, this does not happen. And we, in addition to identification and sanction, cannot go. We will certainly continue to intervene by answering calls from citizens. But I also make an appeal: the only way to put an end to such phenomena, from abusive parking attendants to begging, is to not give money. And instead, very often, we come and we always see someone who gives a few coins. Attitude to be avoided ».