Find someone that loves you better than i do [ lyrics]

Love and authority will lead your ego to tell your partner that you will never find anyone better than you! That way, you manage to manipulate them by staying with you, even though things are wrong on so many levels!

I’ve been holding my breath
I’ve been counting to ten
Over something you said
I’ve been holding back tears
While you’re throwing back beers
I’m alone in my bed
You know I, I’m afraid of change
Guess that’s why we stay the same
So tell me to leave
I’ll pack my bags, get on the road
Find someone that loves you
Better than I do, darling, I know
‘Cause you remind me every day
I’m not enough, but I still stay
Feels like a lifetime
Just tryna get by
While we’re dying inside
I’ve done a lot of things wrong
Loving you being one
But I can’t move on (oh, I)
You know I, I’m afraid of change
Guess that’s why we stay the same
So tell me to leave
I’ll pack my bags, get on the road
Find someone that gives you
All of the things I could not know
‘Cause I keep fighting all the way
I let you down so I could stay
If you want me to leave
Then tell me to leave and, baby, I’ll go
And, baby, I’ll go
You remind me every day
I’m not enough, but I still stay

The attraction and chemistry between people is often created by people mirroring each other and making them feel good about themselves.

Find someone that loves you better than i do Listen to this song

Every time you ask someone a question and show interest, you create more attraction than you think. Yet if you abuse this powerful tool, you risk seducing and misleading someone. And the problem with the current dating scene is that more and more people are learning the tricks to get attention, but don’t have the right intentions behind it.

However, there is something about the psychology of using this powerful line of manipulation that keeps us dependent on the wrong people.

1. We lack confidence

When someone you love tells you you can’t find someone better than them, and you lack confidence, you feel that what they’re saying is really true and you’ll never find someone better.

And to be honest, the self-esteem part is a pretty sensitive thing to rely solely on outside validation. Earlier this year, I wrote a powerful article that will grab your attention if you think you’ve failed to give yourself the right to who you are.

2. We feel betrayed

There may be 2 sources of feeling that your partner might find someone better around the corner: one from our insecurities about ourselves and our insecurities about ourselves, and the other from feeling very jealous that we’ve been betrayed by someone we’ve Loved Before. To take control of this insecurity and jealousy, if they think they can find someone better than us, we combine it with an accusation of betrayal.

3. We feel humiliated

If that happens, we probably put a lot of effort into the relationship, but they weren’t grateful enough for our effort. Lack of gratitude and compassion for our efforts can easily turn into feelings of humiliation, as if we were only there to meet their needs, so using such a strong line we remind them that there is a difficult world out there and that we have found someone to do it.

However, it doesn’t make it any less toxic that we use the line to draw attention to something we don’t know how to communicate in the first place, which is that we make an effort that they should be grateful for. That brings me to the next point.

4. We feel we underestimate ourselves

It’s a less toxic place to send the message, but it’s actually the most commonly used place, even in healthy relationships.

Lines that don’t create attraction

“There’s probably someone out there who suits you better than me”

You’re better off without me!

It is a cry of attention and validation that does not create charm, but rather the opposite.

It’s been so long since we’ve done anything for ourselves, and we deserve better!

This is a line that usually takes several years for the relationship to develop habits and routines at a certain level between each other.

Anything more about your ego than your good feelings about yourself will create a negative reaction.

The example I had about this was when I told an ex-boyfriend that I was maybe what he needed now, even though he was sure I was “exactly” as he wanted me to be. I saw that he was not yet ready for the level of commitment I was ready to give, and I simply told him

Maybe there’s someone out there who suits you better than me because it won’t trigger you and challenge you as much as I do to work on yourself. Maybe you’re not ready for me yet!

It was by far the decidedly honest way of expressing my best intentions to have someone who would support him at the level he is now.