Film sexisme korea terbaru youtube mp3 download free full version (2021)

Film sexisme korea terbaru youtube mp3 download free full version (2021)

Even before its theatrical release, the Film sexisme korea terbaru youtube mp3 download free full version, born in 1982, caused an avalanche of sexist and misogynistic comments online. These reactions illustrate a recent phenomenon of the rise of conservative and patriarchal thinking in South Korea.

Yoon Ga-eun
South Korean film director

Film sexisme korea terbaru mp3

Film sexisme korea terbaru youtube mp3 mp4

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Yoon Ga-eun is a South Korean film director and script writer. Her films explore the stories of young children and youth. Wikipedia

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South Korean film sparks wave of misogynistic, anti-feminist comments

From our correspondent in Seoul,

The feminist bestseller of the novelist Cho Nam-joo Kim Ji-young, born in 1982, had itself already provoked misogynistic reactions: celebrities had been victims of cyberstalking for having defended it. And the release of the film causes a new torrent of sexist insults on the networks, Internet users for example making fun of the weight of the main character.

Resurgence of machismo

According to recent studies, South Koreans between the ages of 20 and 30 are more misogynistic than the 30-40 age group. In a poll last year, 76% said they were opposed to feminism. In April, 56% of young people surveyed refused to have a girlfriend who called herself a feminist.

We also note the emergence of masculinist groups, made up of men who claim to be victims of sexual discrimination. This phenomenon has a political impact: President Moon Jae-in, perceived as a feminist, has seen his support rate among twenty-something men drop to less than 30% in two years.

This phenomenon can be explained by a reaction to the rise of feminist demands in South Korea. Korean society remains very patriarchal, with gender pay differences being the worst among OECD countries, for example.

But feminists have won some victories in recent years. The #MeToo movement has had a huge impact. The government has put in place measures to facilitate female employment.

Exacerbated tension

In the professional world, men now have to face growing competition from women … which hardly suits some, who say, for example, that long and compulsory military service for men constitutes discrimination. These gender tensions are exacerbated by an increasingly competitive labor market, and by the rising rate of youth unemployment.

Social networks also play a role in aggravating these tensions. Misogynistic comments are spreading and becoming commonplace on social media and YouTube. A researcher, quoted by CNN, reveals that men who learn about feminism online are more likely to become anti-feminists.

Some popular sites, like Ilbe, stand out for their chauvinistic excess. But Korean feminists are also very active on the networks: ironically, many feminists reacted to the insults provoked by the release of the film Kim Ji-young by assuring that they would go see this film, to support it, while they did not initially intend to.