Each year, the number of femicides is closely scrutinized. In 2020, 146 women lost life under the blows of their spouse or ex-spouse, according to a report published on Monday but unveiled on Sunday by Gérald Darmanin in an interview with Parisien . In total, 102 women and 22 men died under these circumstances last year – that’s one every three days. Note that this is the lowest figure for fifteen years, while 102 feminicides had been identified in 2019.

In an attempt to stem intra-marital violence, the Minister of the Interior also announces new measures, stressing that last year was special with ” two confinements “. Nevertheless, he continues, “the number of police and gendarmerie interventions for intra-family violence remains very high: more than 341 , that is 40 interventions per hour “. “Not a day goes by without the GIGN or the Raid going to free a woman or children taken hostage …” Gérald Darmanin – himself targeted by a investigation for rape – notes that domestic violence “is becoming the main reason for intervention by police and gendarmes”. The former mayor of Tourcoing adds that in Aisne, where he met the gendarmes of a rural brigade, 56% of their activity was linked to this type of violence.

According to the figures reported by Le Parisien , 24% victims who died in 2019 had already testified complaint or made a report against their spouse. Are law enforcement doing enough? “Since the Grenelle of domestic violence led by Marlène Schiappa, a revolution has taken place,” replied the minister. In order to go further, it announces in particular the priority treatment of complaints for domestic violence, an officer specializing in such violence in each police station and each gendarmerie brigade.

A new report in Mérignac feminicide He also draws lessons from the feminicide of Mérignac, on May 4, for which he had requested an inspection mission. This mission had concluded in its report to a multitude of failures which had led to what Chahinez, 24 years, be burned alive in the street by her ex-spouse, after he had shot her in legs to make her fall.

Gerald Darmanin had asked the inspection mission for a new report to identify the responsibilities. The report submitted to the Prime Minister last week has not been made public. While the Canard enchaîné revealed that a police officer who took one of Chahinez’s complaints had himself been convicted of domestic violence and was awaiting a passage in disciplinary council, the minister qualifies this situation as “unacceptable”. And announces to have asked the boss of the national police force to seize the IGPN, the “police force of the police forces”, which will have to submit its report in six weeks. The minister also asks that the disciplinary councils meet “within three months maximum” in this type of case and that the police officer concerned is “no longer in contact with the public” pending a decision of the council.

Handrails prohibited For ensure better monitoring of these situations, the Minister emphasizes the instruction given to the police officers and gendarmes to make “a report to the prosecutor”, the objective being that “100% of findings turn into complaints or reports ” . Handrails are also “definitively” banned. “Anyone, even anonymously, and at any time of the day or night, can also report this violence very simply on moncommissariat.fr or magendarmerie.fr . An application will be created at the start of the school year “, reports the minister. To cope with an increased number of procedures (146 last year), Gerald Darmanin promises to promote the recruitment of judicial police officers. “There are 17 000 OPJ within the national police. 000. There are therefore missing 24% “, he explains.

In addition, the former mayor of Tourcoing wants in each department there are “teams specializing in the fight against domestic violence” (protection brigade families in the police zone; family protection house in the gendarmerie zone). From “the end of August”, a national official will be appointed to the Director General of the National Police (DGPN), the Director General of the National Gendarmerie (DGGN) and the Prefect of Police “on the model of what exists in terms of terrorism and drugs “.

Finally, concerning firearms – a third of women are killed by firearms – the Minister wants the file of people accused of intra-violence marital relations is connected to those of the possessors of weapons and bans on port, and that the police consult them “systematically”. “This will make it possible, he said, to verify whether a defendant” for such acts of violence “is in possession of a weapon and therefore to withdraw it from him, without even the testimony of his spouse”.