Fiji Simo at Instacart: 4 things to know about the French star of Silicon Valley

The end of recess has sounded. It is today that Fidji Simo , the most famous Frenchwoman in Silicon Valley, makes her comeback at Instacart, the Uber of grocery delivery. The Californian home grocery ordering and delivery start-up has just completed a fundraising of 265 million dollars, propelling its valuation to 39 billion dollars – that’s a doubling in one year.

Fiji Simo should thus lead the company to an IPO, a rumor born in the American press. For its part, the start-up has never officially stated its ambitions. At just thirty-five, here are four things to know about Fiji Simo, which therefore takes the helm of one of the most prominent start-ups on the American west coast .

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