Ffp2 masks, which ones are certified and how long they can be reused – RB

Ffp2 masks, which ones are certified and how long they can be reused – RB

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Ffp2 masks, which ones are certificate and how much they can be reused – RB

Ffp2 masks, which ones are certified and how long they can be reused – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Ffp2 masks, which are certified and how much can they be reused – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Ffp2 masks, which ones are certified and how long they can be reused – RB

The battle against the variant Omicron , responsible for the exponential increase in Covid cases in $pe and in the rest of the world in recent weeks, continues to make use of the weapons that until now have contributed to stem the spread of the epidemic: distance, room and hand hygiene and medical devices for personal protection continue to play a decisive role in the prevention of contagion . The masks , in particular the type known as Ffp2 , are back to being a hot topic , not only for those who are obliged to wear them but also for the legislator who has regulated their use according to specific behaviors.

The obligation of the Ffp2 from 25 December: where and until when

Two years after the start of the pandemic, the distinction between surgical mask and Ffp2 mask is clear to anyone, different in the number of filter layers and coverage from a possible infection of the virus by air.

One of the latest anti Covid decrees, specifically the one that entered into force last December 25, established the obligation to wear a device of type Ffp2 (also known as KN 95 or N 95) in some specific public places, therefore museums, cinemas and theaters, concert halls, sporting events and public transport, such as trams, buses, metro, trains, ships and planes.

The obligation, extended to all citizens, including those who have already received the third dose of serum, or booster dose, is valid throughout the national territory until 31 March 2022 , date on which the end of the state of emergency is established to date. Outdoors, on the street, however, there is the obligation to wear a surgical mask.

Ffp2: how to buy it according to law and at what price

The seriousness of the situation has led many citizens to use this type of mask with high filtering power even in places other than those indicated by the obligation, giving way to a hunt for Ffp2 which initially saw a rise in prices which was then controlled by law at the beginning of the year. Thanks to the price agreement stipulated between the emergency commissioner Figliuolo and the pharmacist trade associations, the Ffp2 masks cannot cost more than 0. 75 cents per piece and today it is not uncommon to find them on the market even at lower figures. Ffp2 sales staff, pharmacies, parapharmacies, some supermarkets.

To ensure the effectiveness of the device and the control carried out on it, the Ffp2 mask must be provided on the single piece or on the package with the “CE” mark , accompanied by a four-digit code attributable to the organization that has it compliance with the standards required by $pean standards verified.

Once worn, the Ffp2 mask can be kept for a time not exceeding eight hours , then it must be disposed of and changed – twice as long as the surgical mask which can be worn for up to four hours. The advantage of Ffp2 is a guarantee of effectiveness against viruses of over 90 percent. Attention, furthermore, to another wording, the presence of the letter “N” or “NR” which identify, respectively, a mask reusable or disposable.

Reuse: recommended or not?

As for reuse, although many doctors in our country have completely advised against relying on the disinfection of Ffp2 masks with home methods, some international studies have proven the effectiveness of Ffp2 masks subjected to industrial vaporization with the use of vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP), a procedure in any case that cannot be replicated at home but only in the laboratory or in hospital settings. In this case, the masks would still have proved effective in protecting the wearer, a result that cannot be ensured with hand washing or washing in the washing machine, the latter instead suggested by other studies conducted in France, a practice however not recommended for those who are exposed to environments with high possibility of contamination. Their reuse is therefore not recommended.