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Federmanager Bologna – Ferrara – Ravenna, gender balance makes GDP and businesses grow

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Diversity must be valued and everyone’s skills recognized in order to reach a common goal

Women’s day is an opportunity to reflect on overcoming the gender gap in the world of work, which is part of the fifth “goal” of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. According to the Annual Report, presented last December, by the Labor Market and Managerial Skills Observatory of 4.Manager – an association promoted by Confindustria and Federmanager – the participation rate of women in the world of work in Italy is much lower than the average European. We talk about it with Andrea Molza, president of Federmanager Bologna – Ferrara – Ravenna, who also holds the same position for Emilia Romagna.


Gender GAP: where are we?

“To date, in Italy, female managerial positions are only 28% of the total. A scenario aggravated by the pandemic which has had the effect of slowing down the process of overcoming the gender gap in the labor market. In general, in 2020, the participation rate of Italian women in the world of work was 53.1%, with a gender gap of 19%. Also according to the aforementioned Report, the “child penalty” persists and further amplifies: the employment rate of women between 25 and 49 years old goes from 72% for women without children to 53% for those who have at least one of them less than 6 years old. In female managerial positions, the numbers show an equally difficult scenario: out of 605 thousand positions, I repeat, only 28% is entrusted to female figures (source INPS), a share that is reduced to 18% if we consider the positions governed by a manager’s contract , essentially stopped for ten years “.

Women as protagonists

With regard to the advantages brought about by gender balance, however, the president Andrea Molza states that: “As the national president of Federmanager, Stefano Cuzzilla also pointed out, a new horizon must be drawn with women placed at the center, as protagonists, to build new prospects for relaunching businesses and the production system.

We are convinced that the gender balance increases the turnover of companies and increases the GDP.
Furthermore, the evidence shows that companies with mixed governance, equally distributed between men and women, are more competitive and react better in crisis contexts “.

Projects in the pipeline

“As an association, we are working to raise awareness among our members and civil society. Within our company there is a dedicated group, the Minerva Group, committed to the enhancement of gender diversity and to the recognition of skills as a driving force for personal and professional growth. We believe that strengthening the presence of women in the labor market with the specific skills that often distinguish them represents an accelerator of the country’s development, with the aim of increasing economic, social and cultural wealth. We have enthusiastically welcomed the National Strategy for Gender Equality and we hope that differences will be recognized in order to actively manage them and leverage them to increase the company’s competitiveness. In this context, we are sure that the PNRR is the useful tool to facilitate the entry to work and career paths of women aimed at assuming roles of responsibility “.



The association and women: stories from the Minerva group

The goal: to support female entrepreneurs, thus promoting female employment

Federmanager has within it the Minerva Group (NEtwork Business Manager for Gender Enhancement), which brings together women Executives, Senior Managers and Professionals who are members of the association.

In February, the Bologna – Ferrara – Ravenna team gave itself a new structure: it goes to cover the position of territorial coordinator Sara Cirone, who after many years at the helm of an industrial company, today supports companies and public administrations in the path towards sustainability, also from a PNRR perspective. The management committee, composed of Morena Bronzetti, Monica Dall’Olio, Silvia Ferrero, Valentina Giorgi, Lucia Romagnoli, Annarita Succi, flanked her.

“Federmanager Bologna – Ferrara – Ravenna – said the president Andrea Molza – wishes good work to Sara Cirone, whom we have all had the opportunity to appreciate also as promoter of the Hub Foundation of the ER Emilia-Romagna Territory, an association that brings together companies, universities , research centers, local authorities, associations, foundations and citizens eager to create a new prospect of relaunching and developing the territory according to sustainable, innovative and supportive models “.

Purpose and mission

The purpose of the Minerva Group is the realization of specific projects in order to enhance the gender difference following selective criteria based on meritocracy. “Our mission – explains Sara Cirone – is to support the commitment of women in the economic and social world, pursuing the principle that skilled female employment must become, together with productivity and wages, an essential part of a national strategy that really want to counter decline and discomfort “.

“We propose ourselves as a privileged and proactive interlocutor of all the competent institutions to define and share objectives, promote information, training and networking initiatives to increase the voice of women, their proactive strength and socio-economic value”.

The UN 2030 agenda at the center

“We are working – concludes Cirone – to implement a series of initiatives aimed at disseminating and pursuing the objectives of Goal 5 of the UN 2030 agenda, ‘Achieving gender equality and emancipating all women and girls’, also through paths to support entrepreneurship.

Our group is open to all interested Federmanager members, who are invited to be part of it and to participate in current and future activities “. To join the Minerva Bologna – Ferrara – Ravenna Group, write to [email protected] or to [email protected].


Alongside the trade union role, that of cultural actor

With over 3,200 members, it is the territorial headquarters for Bologna, Ferrara and Ravenna of Federmanager, an organization established in 1945 that represents and protects 180,000 executives in service and retired of the companies producing goods and services. The associates are executives – but also top management and high professionalism – of small, medium and large enterprises, operating in all sectors of private industry and with state participation, including public economic bodies. Federmanager is present throughout the country through 55 associations which provide managers with contractual, social security, legal, tax assistance and carry out cultural, training and networking initiatives.

The coverage of the territory is ensured by three offices: the head office in Bologna – in via Merighi 1/3, Villanova di Castenaso – and two territorial delegations in Ferrara in via degli Armari 8 and in Ravenna in via di Roma 102. The activities of the association they are also promoted and implemented by various groups and commissions. Made up of associates who join on a voluntary basis, they animate the organization with initiatives dedicated to training, professional updating and the deepening of various issues, made available to members but also at the service of the community. The Siate – Sustainability and Infrastructure for Territory, Environment and Energy commissions are added to the territorial commissions for Ferrara and Ravenna; Communication, Newsmagazine and Direct Line (periodical of the association); Education, School, University; Industry 4.0 and Quadri.

The groups Minerva (reserved for female managers), Giovani (to which managers under 44 belong), Pensionati, Effects Pandemia and Vises – Pcto (which promotes free-of-charge collaborations with secondary schools for the realization of paths for transversal skills and orientation).

Info: tel. 051 0189900 [email protected] www.bologna.federmanager.it.