Federal Reserve: Democrats promise to ‘keep fighting’ for virus funding

Federal Reserve won’t raise interest rates until at least 2023 it is revealed as report shows 860,000 Americans filed jobless claims last week.

Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) is a 501(c)(4) American political advocacy nonprofit … cutting against the stereotype that Democrats are naturally proabortion rights and that those who are anti-abortion are naturally Republicans.

Who We Are

We are the preeminent national organization for pro-life Democrats. We are the pro-life voice and wing of the Democratic Party.

We are:

Pro-life: We believe in the fundamental worth, dignity, and equality of all people. We believe that the protection of human life is the foundation of human rights, authentic freedom, and good government. These beliefs animate our opposition to abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, embryonic stem cell research, poverty, genocide, and all other injustices that directly and indirectly threaten human life.

Democrats: We believe in the core values and principles of the Democratic Party. We are committed to freedom and justice, security and prosperity, equality and community, and hope and progress. We are proud to be members of the party that created the New Deal, Fair Deal, and New Frontier. We share the party’s commitment to the Four Freedoms: freedom of speech and religion, and freedom from fear and want. We look to continue and perfect the party’s commitment to the most vulnerable members of our society.

Pro-life Democrats: We believe in the legal protection of unborn life and a comprehensive, bipartisan approach to reducing the number of abortions in America and around the world. We believe in supporting women and children, strengthening families and communities, and protecting the environment. We favor eliminating unfair discrimination, improving education, and preserving the American dream for all Americans. We believe in the elimination of the death penalty, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research.

We believe in honest, efficient government that compliments the market and civil society to build a strong economy that benefits all Americans. We believe this can be achieved through consistent growth, sensible regulation, fair taxation, and adequate wages, along with efforts to ensure the equality of opportunity, a reduction in poverty, and the existence of an effective social safety net that guarantees that all people have sufficient access to food, shelter, healthcare, and life’s other basic necessities.

Globally, we oppose tyranny, terrorism, genocide, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, human trafficking, and all other unjust acts of violence and aggression. We support international cooperation, the spread of democracy and human rights, and the empowerment of women.

In representing pro-life Democrats within the true “big tent” party, DFLA works across a broad spectrum of life ethics. We recognize that people of good faith have different approaches to these issues; therefore, we refuse to use a single issue as a “litmus test” to exclude those who would otherwise seek common ground with us on the expansion of human rights. We encourage all people committed to the common good to work together to protect human life at all of its stages.

What We Do

We mobilize Democrats at local, state, and national levels to:

  • elect pro-life Democrats to office
  • support pro-life Democrats while in an elected position
  • promote a pro-life plank in the Democratic Party platform
  • achieve pro-life legislation with the help of national and state pro-life Democrats
  • participate actively in Democratic party functions and offices