FAR: Lone Sails: There is always a saying we say on this platform: We are a fan of independent productions that take the player to different realms with its graphic style, storytelling, gameplay, character and space design, in short, with the atmosphere it creates. And again we say with all honesty; When we come across such productions, we cannot stop ourselves from applying positive discrimination to them.


Today, we are delighted to introduce you to FAR: Lone Sails, which is already available on PC and console platforms but has just been released on mobile platforms, which we can call precisely the recipe we mentioned above.

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Let’s say it now, the game is a candidate to be one of the best games of the year, especially on mobile platforms. So if you are interested in this kind of independent production, we strongly recommend you to buy it. Be sure, it will be worth the money you give.

We want to start by talking about the atmosphere created by the game and that it is a work of art from top to bottom.

An anonymous and genderless character, an anonymous and futuristic vehicle that resembles a ship as we have said in the definition but also has different dynamics, and the environments set around these two subjects, each frame being a perfect painting with their colors and drawings…

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With the music, you don’t just play a game, you have a peaceful experience. The vehicle we take on a journey moves by turning objects into energy. You can use any object you can interact with as fuel, especially in various sized boxes.

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Later in the journey, you will add a sail to your vehicle. Thus, it is possible to move without spending fuel in places with wind. The vehicle is futuristic in design, but all the mechanisms are manually operated. It is your duty to turn the objects into fuel, to press the power button to move the vehicle by going to the relevant compartments in the vehicle, the brake button to stop and the steam button to release the accumulated steam. Download Apk