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Famous rapper accused of breaking the peace – abused his girlfriend

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The woman documented: “If I were to die”

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A well-known Swedish rap artist is accused of aggravated assault and assault.

According to the accusation, he abused his girlfriend for a long time, among other things strangling her until she passed out.

In the interrogation, the rapper claims that the girl has a “self-harming behavior”.

The man now accused is a famous Swedish rapper who has millions of plays on Spotify.

He was arrested earlier this year on suspicion of abusing his girlfriend on several occasions.

He is now charged with aggravated assault, assault and minor drug offenses.

full screen Photo: POLICE

Woman: Be very scared

According to the girl, these are abuses that have been going on for a long time.

In the investigation they take sides example after example: strangulation, blows, kicks.

During the interrogation, the girl says that the rapper was physically violent towards her on at least 40 occasions. The indictment reproduces many of them.

At one point, he strangled her while driving on the highway. She passed out. Another time she must have twisted her big toe so that she fractured.

The woman was afraid to report the man, but alerted the police earlier this year. During the interrogation, she says that she has finally had enough.

The rapper himself says his girlfriend faked everything.

full screen Photo: POLICE

He hit his head against the wall several times

The indictment reproduces the woman’s alarm call to SOS, where she appeals to the police to come. In the background is the rapper.

– I want you to come. She broke me, says the woman in the alarm call.

She claims that her boyfriend, among other things, stabbed her in the ribs and back, bit her and strangled her.

Eventually, the woman breaks free and takes refuge in a car. She meets the police, crying.

The woman herself documented the abuse in photos.

– I send everything because I want my mother to know how I felt if I were to die, she says during the interrogation.

Deny the crime

RockedBuzz was in contact with the plaintiff’s assistant to the woman.

– I have no comments at the moment, says Saba Razavi representing the woman.

After a house search, the police managed to arrest the well-known rapper.

The rapper himself denies the crime and says in the interrogation that the woman has a “self-harming behavior”.

She caused the injuries herself, she says.

– I’ve seen a few times when she got angry and banged her head against the wall. She doesn’t seem to have a problem acting in anger. She is self-harming, she wants to harm herself, says the man during the interrogation.

The rapper, who has had several big hits, was previously convicted of serious crimes. In his music he interpreted the criminal life and according to the police he has a connection with the gang environment.

RockedBuzz asked the suspected rapper’s defense attorney for comment.


Here you can get help and support

Are you or someone close to you exposed to violence in an intimate relationship? Here is a selection of places you can turn to for help and support.

Important: always call 112 in an emergency. You can also contact your municipality’s social services or social services via the emergency number.

Women’s Protection Line (020-50 50 50, 24 hours a day)
A national toll-free number for those who have suffered physical, psychological and sexual violence. Relatives and friends are also welcome to call.All women’s homes (08-644 09 20, Mon-Fri 9-17)
It offers sheltered temporary housing for people who have experienced violence in a close relationship and honor-related violence. It welcomes women, men, their children and accompanying animals with placement through social services.Rock
The national organization for women’s and girls’ shelters in Sweden brings together shelters across Sweden, some of which offer sheltered accommodation. Find a hotline closest to you via the Rok website. Click on “find an emergency”.Unizon
It gathers over 130 women’s shelters, girls’ shelters and other support activities. The website contains contact information for emergency services throughout Sweden, some of which offer sheltered accommodation. Click “find on call”.Terrafem
Women’s rights network against men’s violence. Landline: 020-52 10 10. Advice in 70 different languages, including legal advice.Assistance to victims of crime (116 006, every day from 9:00 to 19:00)
Provides support to crime victims, witnesses and relatives.Qjouren (08-644 20 32)
A reception center for abused women with experiences of abuse and prostitution.RFSL support reception (020-34 13 16, Thursday 9-12)
Support for LGBTQI people who have suffered abuse, threats and violence. The RFSL Support Reception also manages sheltered accommodation in the Stockholm area.Social services
If you want to talk to someone who works in social services, you can call your local switchboard and ask to be connected to social services.Breeze (Phone: 116 111, or via chat on bris.se)
All children can get help through Bris, Children’s Rights in Society. Priest on guard (112)
He can help with emergency conversations and crisis support: call 112 and ask to be connected to the priest on duty.Ungarelationer.se
A support platform for young people (15-20 years old) who are exposed to violence in partner relationships, offers chats every evening at 20-22.Choose to quit (020-555 666)
The Stockholm Men’s Center and the Malmö and Stockholm County Boards of Governors have opened the “Choose to Stop” phone line which is aimed at perpetrators.

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