New Makeup Trends

Fall 2020/21 New Makeup Trends

Each season, new techniques and new makeup trends appear. Fox eyes, glass skin or 90’s style lips.. Discover which ones to adopt in autumn with Jacob Hyzer, makeup artist.

NEW Makeup trends 2021

Autumn is just around the corner and so are its novelties. New makeup trends 2021 are coming. With the general wearing of the mask, the make-up trends concerns more the eyes. The goal today is no longer to achieve a pronounced smokey eye, but rather to know how to master simple make-up techniques in order to easily sublimate the look. However, makeup for the complexion and lips is not put aside. They too are experiencing real new trends not to be missed.

The “fox eyes makeup” look

This trend, which emerged in the summer, continues to appeal to this fall. Stolen from models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, this fairly easy-to-perform make-up trends 2020 was born on social networks. The goal: to achieve a feline look with eyeliner and / or black pencil in the inner corner of the eye. “The fox eyes trend is very interesting because, in my opinion, it brings a kind of self-confidence and it gives a pretty sexy look to makeup,” says Jacob Hyzer, make-up artist for the cosmetics brand LimeLife by Alcone.

Tip: To achieve the perfect “fox eyes” look, draw a fairly thin line of liner starting from the outer corner of the eye. Make this line high enough to stretch the eyes. Finally, using a sharp black pencil or, for experts, eyeliner, accentuate the inner corner of the eye.

The “glass skin” effect

Also known as “dolphin skin”, this fall-winter trend has been around since the start of the year. If the matte complexion has been in fashion in recent years, it is now the “glowy” complexion that is taking hold in make-up trends and which is likely to continue. For our make-up artist, Jacob Hyzer, getting a nice “glass skin” effect begins even before the makeup step: “You just have to erase your skin well (once a week is enough, editor’s note) and above all to hydrate it properly every day “.

With the change of seasons, your facial skincare routine must also adapt. More hydration and more care to limit the bad effects of the sun this summer. Then, concerning the make-up, the fewer products, the better. “Glass skin makeup does not necessarily consist of using a lot of makeup. On the contrary, the goal is to obtain a pretty, luminous, very natural complexion without putting on foundation for example, only by using a few touches of illuminators“, specifies our expert.

Tip: For a perfect complexion and in order not to suffocate your skin under your mask, use a BB cream or a tinted serum. This type of product helps to care for the skin while unifying the complexion. Then, if you wish, add concealer, a little highlighter and / or blush on the cheeks.

The blue on the eyes

Since the wearing of the compulsory mask in many places, the habits in terms of makeup have had to change. According to a recent survey conducted by MyLittleBox, 70% of women have stopped wearing lipstick because of the mask. A new habit that allows you to focus more on eye makeup. For our expert, the new color not to be overlooked this fall is indeed blue: “Blue immediately enhances the look, especially when wearing a mask and the eyes are the only one. thing that we see “.

Whether glittery, matte, all over the eyelid or just in small touches, blue is to be adopted in all its forms. Its plus: it is suitable for both light and dark eyes. The important thing is to know how to apply it! “For young people, for a dramatic makeup look, I recommend using a metallic blue with a smokey eye to add that little touch of color to the makeup,” recommends the make-up artist. Otherwise, a simple metallic or iridescent blue properly applied all over the eyelid will do.