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Facebook adds new features to groups due to coronavirus

Facebook adds new features to groups due to coronavirus

The popular social media network Facebook is preparing to offer new features that increase the interaction and participation on groups on the platform. Here are the details…

Facebook is stepping up its efforts to encourage people to join their groups where they can meet online to discuss specific topics as a way of overcoming isolation in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Last Thursday, the world’s largest social network announced new features aimed at making it easier for users to chat in groups. People who manage a Facebook group will now be able to open Q&A sessions or post photos on a specific topic.

Another innovation will allow group admins to reject posts using specific keywords or postings from new members.

As people started to share their thoughts and opinions in certain private areas instead of sharing them publicly, groups became increasingly important for Facebook. More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook groups every month. The growing popularity of these groups, which can be public or private, has become a double-edged sword for the social network.

On the one hand, groups can be used to bring together people who are passionate about birdwatching, parenting, or walking, on the other hand, they use groups to spread misinformation about vaccines or to follow conspiracy theories.