F9 Full Movie Download in English 2021 Fast and Furious 9

F9 Full Movie Download in English 2021 (Fast and Furious 9)

F9 Full Movie: Is fast 9 still coming out?

In an expected (if not still disappointing) announcement, Universal Pictures has again delayed the highly anticipated release of F9, a.k.a. Fast & Furious 9. Since then, Universal was proactive at the early stages of the COVID pandemic in moving F9 from its May 22, 2020, release date all the way to April 2, 2021.

Why is Dom not in fast and furious 9?

On April 4, 2018, Johnson stated that he was unsure if he was returning for the ninth film due to working on the spin-off, and he confirmed in January 2019 that he would not be appearing in the film.

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Fast and Furious 9

Dom Toretto is living the quiet life off the grid with Letty and his son, but they know that danger always lurks just over the peaceful horizon. This time, that threat forces Dom to confront the sins of his past to save those he loves most. His crew soon comes together to stop a world-shattering plot by the most skilled assassin and high-performance driver they’ve ever encountered – Dom’s forsaken brother.

Fast and Furious 9: Audience reviews

F9 The Fast Saga (2021)

Fast and Furious is back and better than ever. You have to see to believe. Meant to be seen on the big screen as intended to experience the magical touch of Cinema. Don’t let negative reviews and critics take away your chance to enjoy your time with this one. People are so quick to judge these days.

Sit back, relax and let your imagination blow you away. You won’t be disappointed. Great cast of actors, including an excellent composed score by Brian Tyler and stellar directing.

Justin Lin knows how to master and successfully surpass each film from previous directors in the franchise who delivers thrilling, suspenseful, edge of your seat, tremendous, bigger, and better innovative action set pieces involving unique craftsmanship of each sequel improving a strong narrative branch of storytelling that brings the fast family we grow to love all along these years drawing closer to these characters one can relate like it’s our story unfolding too.

In my opinion, this stands out to be the best in the entire series because this one is special, different, and made for fans alike. People will have different tastes, but you can’t deny how insanely good it is.

That’s what the theaters are all about to escape reality, be enthralled, turn off your brain in the film, and this is one of them. A must-watch movie.

Amazing pure entertainment! Wow. I think 2021 this year sure is filled with many surprises that are making their recovery in the film industry to finally release films they accomplish getting moviegoers back to the theaters during this pandemic. And there are still more upcoming releases which I cannot wait to watch.

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Somebody asked me a hard question after I walked out of the cinema, my brain steeling trying to process the CGI-filled, max-budget pop-corn flick that is F9.

“Good movie?” they asked.

I suppose the answer to that question depends on your expectations. If you’ve somehow missed the previous eight instalments, you’ll sit there and wonder what on Earth (and in this film, space too, naturally) is going on and how the heck Dominic Toretto has so many secret siblings he’s forget to mention over the last ten years.

If however, like the majority of people who will watch this film, you’ve seen even just one other film from this franchise, you’ll know the recipe and the score… it must be said, although the series has never been known for its philosophical conversation or poignant dialogue, this film feels very obvious, to the point me and my friend were (near enough always) correctly guessing the next lines before they were spoken.

The music doesn’t feel quite as impactful as it has been used in previous films, nor do the vehicles, which take a step back to give room to what can only really be described as ‘Marvel-esque’ magnetic powers (Disney-owned franchise-crossover pending?).

I don’t mind these films, this one isn’t *too* long and it does have some great cinematic moments; some hilarious ones too (although some things you’ll laugh at are meant to be taken seriously), the characters themselves spend most of their talking-time cracking meta-jokes about how this doesn’t need to make sense… does being self-aware make it less of a criminally over-the-top cash grab? I don’t know.

I think any die-hard fans of this series will find this to be a ‘meh’ experience, it’s not as strong as previous outings in almost all areas and if you’re looking for a ‘good movie’ I’d steer well clear, perhaps the most-prone to love this flick would be the unknown viewer, although finding a person who’s yet to be grabbed by this turbo-franchise I’d imagine would be hard to find.

Whether it be this review or another, a recommendation or warning, make no mistake: there will inevitably be more fast & furious, with even crazier plots and stunts to follow, grab the pop-corn, be grateful cinemas are open again, enjoy the insanity and then book to watch a better film on your re-visit.

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I can’t wait to watch the latest masterpiece of this franchise that has defined my childhood. I sincerely thought that with Brian’s death it was going to go downhill a little but I then realized that in the Fast world he is still very much alive and is going to make a huge difference in this movie and the 10th installment as well.

I also love the fact that women are taking on a larger role in the movie and being more active. Based on the trailer, we are going to see Mia being very active, which she hasn’t been since the 1st installment of the franchise way back in 2001, which is very exciting because I think Mia is a character that has been held back for many years but in this movie she is going to show, even more than before, why she is Dom’s sister. I also love Roman’s energy and jokes but I would LOVE to see more of the Roman of 2F2F. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO SEE THAT SIDE OF HIM AGAIN BUT FOR THE WHOLE MOVIE, IF ITS POSSIBLE.

Fast and furious 9 full movie download in hindi 720p

The latest installment in the Fast & Furious franchise has finally broken the mold again and again. set up with a lot of action, pumped up and thrilling guts, the movie makes no-nonsense attitude of the Fast crew a run for its money.

this time, Dominic Toretto, the charismatic and rough-in-silence character of the beloved franchise, has opted to be out of the game for a life of fatherhood. a chance he won’t miss for the world, until it’s not. the crew are back for a very desperate mission to investigate the plane crash which captures Cypher, the cyberterrorist from the last movie.

the movie captures everything imaginable on the scale for every fans of the franchise, top that with nonsense weird adventure, and John Cena.

That’s right, John Cena is one good redemption for this flick, he gave such charisma to an overbearing weight of classic antihero troupe, with much chagrin to villainy. the classic hands down face-to-face shots between him and Vin Diesel in one scene really had it with the audience, he was such a breakout and an absolute gem of the franchise’s.

And without noticing the absolutely faulty gaps in storyline, the franchise keeps on going, not on land, not on air, but the abysmal non-sensical whim by giving 2 lovable characters a funny banter adventure in space.

Justin Lin’s love for over the top set pieces really digs a new hole into the ground, and a road to extreme prevalence in weirdness that is the Fast & The Furious franchise has gone to great lengths.

The movie finds a great footing in setting aside logic and just dive in to a great comical fun of exciting adventure, and with that, an enjoyable popcorn movie.

f9 release date

So many people want to be the bearer of bad news… this movie was one of my favorites from the series and is personally, in my opinion, the best one ever since Fast Five.

Cast was great, action was great, the emotional factors were there, and the cast (mainly Gibson and Ludacris) were able to add that comedic factor to keep you into it! John Cena played a great antagonist and Kang came in like he had never left.

I came in not expecting much and definitely did not leave disappointed. A GREAT movie to watch after being stuck in quarantine for 1-2 years. And P.S, get ready for some good memories cause there’s a lot of homage being paid to previous movies in the franchise. Perfect watch for fans and randoms alike.

I am not the biggest fan of the fast and furious franchise but I did watch all 8 before watching this F9.

Fast and furious movies

I thought it was a decent experience, at times there will be serious scenes but they come off as either stupid or hilarious bad. This film for me at least was kinda confusing but thats up to you to decide.

The acting was mostly good.

The story was I guess good but odd choice but whatever. There are some good funny moments.overall it was a fun experience I would say its either the first or second worst in the series but that is probably just me lol.

I watched this on IMAX theatre to also experience the Jurassic world dominion 5 min teaser and it was so damn awesome probably more enjoyable than the entire fast and furious 9 film. I prefer not watching F9 in theaters but its still worth a watch if you want to rent it or if it goes on streaming service like Netflix in the next couple years. I am rating F9 a 6.5/10.

Dear lord thankfully another movie I didn’t have to waste my own money on watching because if I had the only thing burning would be my temper. How so many of these tripe movies have been released still is amazing as it goes beyond outrageous and totally beyond unbelievable.

The characters are also beyond belief both with their character stories and overall plot in the movie. I thought the Resident Evil movies were laughable but this one is just cringe worthy.

The cast aren’t the worst actors/actresses out there but they are a close second half the time. Though to be fair I’m sure it didn’t help how the script writers and overall story plot were done.

The action scenes were also laughable and at times cringe worthy as you are obviously expected to know that this is a Hollywood movie so that these things aren’t physically possible but the writers/directors/cast/producers push that disbelief so up there you can actually feel your brain liquefy with the idiocy you’re watching.

The plot and I use that term very loosely is also beyond laughable if you’re looking for a plot like this just stick to much better movies like James Bond,Mission Impossible and Jason Bourne to get that feeling as all you’ll get from this is annoyance and at the end a headache as you made yourself watch this movie to the end so you wouldn’t feel bad that someone gave you a ticket or for whatever reason you bought one to watch this trash.

Fast and furious 1

The backstory with Jacob and Dom was the reason I give this film 4 stars. The avengers I mean the ghetto avengers are back in their 9th movie. And, it’s really not that bad.

For people complaining about the logic, I have one thing to say “PRETTY MUCH EVERY ACTION MOVIE AVOIDS LOGIC AND PHYSICS”. With that out the way, what ruined this movie to me was 1. Han’s return 2. Them having superpowers, for example, there is one sequence where Dom pulls down an entire Tunnell.

The scene was kinda ridiculous and didn’t have much of an impact. One reason he’s barely even banged up. Besides a little tiny scar on his face. Two perfect way to kill him off. When you see the movie, they miss a lot of perfect ways just to kill one character with a sacrifice. Besides Gizelle whom I am certainly positive will be back when she’s done being WW.

Probably even saved Mr.Nobody, similar to the MCU. You never feel like the characters are in danger. You never feel like the stakes are not in their favor. And, The villain is always someone who will turn good eventually. Honestly, the only real villain so far is Charlize Theron’s Cypher. 3. Just kill off Brian O’ Connor already, ok yes I love Pual but the cameos/ mentions are just plot devices. To keep the fans hyped up.

Killing off Brain would be the most impactful crisis for the franchise. Again they missed a great opportunity with Jacob to have him kill O’Connor. He’s doing that would have made me go from oh this guy is just going to be on their side at the end. (sorry for my run on there). To oh this guy is a real villain.

What saved the movie. One-line Roman is more unkillable than Darius Kincaid and Deadpool.

To improve the Franchise I will be doing a youtube video.

Fast and furious 9 full movie download in hindi 720p moviesflix

I am a fan… the family setting, the love for each other, I love all that as I have friends that are family. Bringing back some characters I loved. The OG’s especially. Keeping Brian in it, is hard for me but that just tugs at my heart strings… You can tell when you all see each other, it’s sincere and there is love.

Some of you may not like things and I get some things look unreal (CGI) but for me, it’s about that family us #FastandFurious fans love. The ladies fight scenes were great!!! They really had some powerful moments~even Mia!!!

IMO, you need to bring it back to Los Angeles where it all started. Bring everyone home. Maybe even have a premiere here in Santa Barbara where Paul lived…

I’m a fan and Ioved it!

Always stay for the credits!!!! = )

When i saw the trailer, ik physcis and logic wouldnt be a thing in a fast and furious movie, which makes me ignore those realism in these movies.

Watched the movie and found it was just over the limit. The story was going smooth, ending was just plain and nothing much.

The only surprising moment was when the Skyline at the end and it was just woah okay. The humor filled within this movie is just not good at all, at a point it just makes you from going like this 🙂 to this 😐. Humor jokes are excessive filled like hobbs and shaw movie, it was just too much. Hans involvement was alright nothing much be suprising, the action scenese and hand combats actually improved and better, ( I know that there is no physics or logics behind it, and now since this is the 9th installment or so, there is no exception to think that this movie will be having those as their fundamentals). Space Scene was just a joke, literally.

The storyline was going good, until they just mentioned the key for the algorithm is a teen girl who has a custom made coded DNA made by her parents, that was just too much excessive and overacted take, it would had been better if the code or algorithm would had been tattooed printed or she only knew the of a certain location to get the key.

The technology shown is also overrating just as Hobbs and Shaw, anyways aint no suprising now how Fast 10 will be , who knows that Dom Torreto would be an alien clone and we have to go around the galaxy to find the real one with a pontiac rocket car, (considering few years we did joke about them going to space, and they did). Story is okay, actions and fight scenes were good, Dialogues were good. Overall a 3/5 or a 6/10.

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A Fast and Furious film made just for the fans! If you love the previous eight installments, then you will enjoy Fast9 just the same. Yes, the science in this movie is outrageous (especially after the the conversation between Ludacris and Tyrese about the math and numbers never lie) but nothing about this franchise is normal.

The Fast and Furious is built to be super fast, high adrenaline, super explosive, and this movie does not disappoint. Fans of the saga will be pleased by all the familiar faces that are sprinkled throughout the film. It does not matter whether or not any of this makes sense; you will be taken for another wild ride by the Toretto Familia. Grab your popcorn, sip your soda, and get ready for the wildest ride yet….get ready for Fast9!

Fast and furious 9 full movie download netflix

So now they call it a saga. Why? Because you need to see the others to completely understand all the crazy stuff that has and will continue to happen in this series. F9 is loaded with call-backs. The only “original” part of this movie was the telling of Dom’s past. You get to see his father as a racer while a very young Dom and brother Jakob help in the pit.

This is how the film opens, and that’s fine, but flashbacks like this were throughout the film. There might have been a third of this movie dedicated to telling Dominic Toretto’s life story. As far as I know, this is the first film in the franchise to focus on one character’s entire life story. On one hand, it made this edition better than the others because it honestly had a story worth exploring. On the other hand, that’s not the point or purpose of this franchise. Once you’ve seen the first two films, that’s all the story you need.

Everything else is “We need to get it back, and time is running out.” Then for the next hour, a bunch of muscle cars speeds through various terrains across the globe doing impossible things in vehicles – It’s senseless fun. In F9, they actually tried to give it a good story, and for the first twenty minutes, it was a decent storyline.

Problems arose when Dom’s backstory was blended with the usual Fast and the Furious current story. From that point on, it was a mess. I couldn’t enjoy the car chases because there had to be a flashback or Dom and his brother had to talk about the past or something unrelated to the current pursuit. Luckily, there were enough crazy chases, fights, and family moments (of course) to make F9 one of the best in the series.

Look. The state of cinema at the moment isn’t good. Sure marvel is great but there really aren’t any good blockbuster summer movies coming out other than them. Do not approach this film thinking it will rival Alfred hitchcock or redefine cinema. What it will do is give you an enjoyable romp starring this generations sylvester stallone – vin diesal. And even though this installment doesn’t feature this generations Arnie – the rock, it does feature the return of one of the best characters (no not the main bloke in Tokyo drift although he is featured for almost no reason) Get your popcorn, buy your overpriced drink and enjoy a good laugh. It’s better than sitting at home reading about covid and it just might help save the cinema industry from dying on its arse. Get to the cinema FAST!

F9 has become that movie one should watch by leaving their brain and better senses in the refrigerator. Is it fun? Yes. Is it too much? Definitely.

It is evident the Studio, Directors and every Tom, Chuck and Harry involved with the Fast and Furious “Universe” (nowadays, even a silly rom-com might be developed into a Universe of some sort) takes the movies to be silly. Fan’s memes (renember the jokes in the Internet asking whether they would go to outer space next time or have some superpowers) are very funnily, cleverly addressed in the movies. One cannot help but feel offended by the Director and crew, who seems to be having the final laugh and saying, “Haha, the jokes’ on you”. You know you’ve been made a fool. A fool that pays the team well for their efforts that seem to go over the top now.

All this said, the movie does succeed in capturing your strong emotions at times. Particularly the last scene where Dom and his newly “recruited” crew gather for the “family” lunch and grace. The R34 just hits you deep in the feels.

I cannot wait to see how the main Fast Saga is wrapped up in the coming two movies. John Cena, as obvious as the fact that the sun rises in the East, is now Team Dom. This guy seems to be on the path the now highly bankable Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was years back. Rock and Statam’s presence was missed. No doubt, as obvious as the fact that the sun sets in the west, Studio would bring all the muscles and flash to the “ we swear this is the absolutely final, last ride ever” instalments to the now aging Fast and Furious Universe.

The Fast and Furious Universe looks likely to stay alive in the form of spin-offs. We have the seriously fun Hobbs and Shaw. Looks like Young Dom’s storyline, how he got into street racing and the story behind the Dom Charger might be explored as a spin-off. If there is money to be milked, Studio won’t leave any chance to dust.

That wraps it up.

Like I’ve told you. Place your brain in the fridge. Grab a popcorn (large one becuase this movie is long) and enjoy.

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