Extendable tables to welcome the whole family to Christmas meals -!

On dates like those to come, it’s time to receive so many people at home that we must optimize the space as much as possible, especially when adding guests to the table .

But being realistic, it is of little use to have a large dining room table if we only use it a couple of times a year and now that the floors are not exactly spacious for the most part, the ideal is to bet on furniture functional as the extendable tables . In Amazon we have found quite an interesting selection and these are some of our favorites:

The first of our options is this simple extendable table with a marked Nordic style. The table that has measures of 120 x 80 centimeters (closed) and 160 x 80 centimeters when we open it completely, it is made of oak wood.

The neutral style table in white With wooden legs and a rectangular design, it has a Nordic finish with rustic touches that will not go out of style and that we can combine with other types of chairs for an eclectic decoration. The price on Amazon is 219 euros.

MELAKA Nordic Design Dining or Kitchen Table on White Lacquer on Extendable 120 / 160 cm x 80 cm and Oak Wood Legs

If we are looking for a table with character and presence for our dining room (although in this case incompatible with small floors), this VidaXL table in solid acacia with iron legs is perfect. A rustic and industrial design thanks to the combination of these two materials, which will nevertheless add warmth to the room and is very elegant.

We find it on Amazon available in three sizes (from 160 x 88 x 76 centimeters to 180 x 88 x 76 centimeters), yes, as expected the price varies based on our choice from 399, 99 314, 88 euros.

vidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Dining Table Extendable Console Furniture Kitchen Decorative Home Multipurpose Auxiliary Living Room Living Room

Much cheaper is this table that is also the favorite on Amazon, since it has an average score of 4.5 stars between almost 3000 buyers. It is a minimalist design, with an aesthetic reminiscent of the Nordic style in white and natural wood, so it is very easy to combine.

The measurements of the table are 78 x 91 x 140 centimeters (and 190 centimeters extended) and is perfect to comfortably fit up to 8 people. We can find it in various shades and sizes to choose from 149 euros.

Habitdesign Extendable Dining Table, Living Room or Kitchen Table, Finished in Artik White and Canadian Oak, Kendra Model, Measurements: 140 – 190 cm (Length) x 88 cm (Width) x 78 cm (Height)

This SelectionHome is undoubtedly the most chameleonic of all and it is also the ideal option for those of us who do not have very little space at home and cannot afford to have a shaped dining table permanent. It is a table so versatile that it goes from being a console for the hall to a table capable of accommodating up to 10 people.

We can personalize the measurements according to the needs of the moment, having the option of four different positions. In addition, the Nordic style aesthetic fits into any decoration. We find it for sale on Amazon from 195, 90 euros.

SelectionHome – Dining Table, Living Room, Extendable Console, Nordic Model, Finished in Matt White and Brushed Oak, Measurements: 54 / 146, 6 cm (Length) x 90 cm (Width) x 79 cm (Height)

Another console or hall table that transforms into a table worthy of a whole banquet, is this one made of oak-colored melanin that reaches up to five different positions ranging from 51 cm up to 235 cm in less than a minute (according to the manufacturer).

Mobelcenter – Extendable Console Dining Table, Table for Hall or Kitchen, Extendable Bellows Table, Canadian Oak Color (1103)

The table has such a simple design that we can fit it into any decoration. In addition, it has an average note of 4.3 stars and is available on Amazon in two colors to choose from (white and oak) from 195, 90 euros.

AMAZON GO We visit the store of the FUTURE

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The favorite oil-free fryer: The Aigostar, one of the best valued in its category, with 1. 500 W power per 64, 99 euros 59, 99 euros.

Aigostar Oil Free Air Fryer

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Cecotec Mambo Multifunction Kitchen Robot

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