Exploding power supplies, new scandal splashes Gigabyte

Two independent media have discovered serious design and component flaws in Gigabyte’s new power supplies, forcing the company to recall the products.

The affected models are the P 850 GM and the P 750 GM ; both are sold in Spain as high-power power supplies, capable of operating the most demanding components such as high-end graphics cards. In fact, in the US the Newegg store offered a package with these fonts and the new RTX cards 21 from Nvidia, which made them very popular due to the crazy prices of graphics .

However, those sources may not be good enough for high workloads, resulting in spectacular failures that can end in outbreaks of fire . The first indications were published by the Hardware Busters channel on YouTube, but it was not until the Gamers Nexus channel published an extensive investigation that the controversy spread through social networks.

Gamers Nexus carried out Overload protection tests on ten different drives from Gigabyte sources, and found that no less than the 50% failure; some of the drives failed shortly after starting the test, with just a 60% charge after the first pass. A survey among its users also revealed that 16% of users had experienced problems with these sources, some opinions that extend to the Newegg page, where the 53% of users have awarded the lowest possible score to P 740 GM.

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Days after the publication of this investigation, Gigabyte made a somewhat contradictory public response. On the one hand, it accuses “certain media of sowing doubts about the quality” of its power supplies, but on the other, it states that it “appreciates any comments and suggestions” that come from these sources.

In response, Gigabyte has announced new versions of the fonts, with new adjustments to the overload protection that should prevent further accidents by completely shutting down the equipment when charging. reaches a certain power. However, it has not responded to media accusations that it has used low-quality components in these models, which have facilitated failures.

For customers of units already sold, it has announced that they can replace them with new models for free; affected units have serial numbers SN 20343 G 031011 to SN 20513 G 022635 in the case of P 850 GM, and SN 20243 G 001301 to SN 20453 G 025430 in the case of P 750 GM. At the moment, it is not clear if these units have been sold in Spain, and if users can benefit from this replacement.

2021 It has been a difficult year for Gigabyte, since to this scandal we must add the recent hacker attack that, supposedly, ended with the theft of confidential information from Intel and AMD.


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