Expensive bills and new refreshments: the government's responses – RB

Dear bills and new refreshments: the government’s answers – RB

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Dear bills and new refreshments: the government responses – RB

Dear bills and new refreshments: the government’s answers – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Dear bills and new refreshments: the government’s responses – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Dear bills and new refreshments: the government’s responses – RB

Spotlight still on caro energia and refreshments , two emergencies created by the pandemic and fueled by the collapse of the new variants of Covid – 19 . Both topics on the CdM table on Thursday, 20 January 2022, with a intervention contained in the order of 1-2 billion in favor of the activities that were most affected by the new restrictions induced by the obligation of the Super Green Pass and with the limitation of gatherings.

Refreshments chapter

Among the most urgent issues is that concerning the refreshments for the activities affected by the new wave of the pandemic. Contributions could be allocated to discos, sports facilities, cultural activities and tourism, but also fairs and other activities affected by the new wave of Omicron infections.

Aid for businesses, which should take the form of a non-repayable grant based on the loss of turnover, should amount to 1-2 billion, according to what was anticipated by MEF sources.

Hot bills

The other urgent chapter is the unstoppable increase in the cost of bills, a topic that has also become crucial for economic recovery, since it affects families and therefore the residual spending capacity once the home bills have been paid, and businesses, so their competitiveness abroad,

To mitigate the impact of the expensive bills, 3.8 billion had already been allocated with the Budget Law, but the latest increases announced by ARERA have required another effort.

The new intervention could take the form of a cut in VAT and system charges , as already done in autumn, or there was talk of the imposition of a solidarity contribution on energy companies. Even the Premier Mario Draghi had thundered against those who earned from these increases.

The MISE would then have presented a range of proposals that provides for the use of the extra-revenue from excise duties and the proceeds of the ETS auctions, that is the $pean system for the purchase of rights to emit CO2, or the provision of stocks strategic gas strategies for companies.

The alarm of companies

An alarm was launched by Confindustria , according to which expensive energy puts “the country’s industrial heritage at serious risk “And urges” urgently “the search for” solutions to defend the industrial system today at risk “.

the surge in the price of gas quickly moved on to the price of electricity, causing the energy costs of industrial companies to rise to 37 billions expected for on 2022 from 8 on 2019.

“An unsustainable level for Italian companies, which threatens closure of many companies in the absence of effective interventions”, argues the Study Center of the Viale dell’Astronomia association, recalling that “the price of electricity is higher than in France and other $pean countries “.

Concern was also expressed by the CGIA of Mestre , which represents SMEs and crafts, which denounced that “our country is not suitable for small businesses” and that small businesses are “unjustifiably discriminated against” despite representing over 99% of the companies present in Italy and employ more than 60% of private sector employees.